Monday 6.9.08– We decide to get a third opinion in our case, and we switch RE’s again.  This is after 4 unsuccessful IUI’s and 2.5 years of trying to have a baby.  Third time’s the charm, right?

Friday 6.20.08– We meet and get the green light from our new RE – he thinks we are excellent candidates for IVF.

Thursday 7.3.08–  Aunt flo FINALLY comes (five days late), so we can get this party started!

Saturday 7.5.08– Kerry starts birth control and goes in for day three blood work and an ultrasound (all is clear on the u/s – woo hoo!).

Monday 7.7.08– We got Kerry’s blood work results back in an email from our IVF nurse.  It read, “labs from this weekend were all normal – FSH 5, E2 55, TSH 1.23, Prolactin 23, and Free T4 1.009…all looks great!”

Thursday 7.10.08– We had our IVF nurse consult, SHG, and financial consult (ouch!).  Found out I have a lazy uterus, LOL!  Also paid for our IVF drugs (our copay was $708.51 – double ouch).

Friday 7.11.08– Got the drugs in the mail – oy!

Wednesday 7.16.08 – We met with our embryologist, Sherri, and Kerry had her trial embryo transfer.  We started Lupron (10 units) that night.

Sunday 7.20.08 – Last day of birth control – thank GOD!

Wednesday 7.23.08– (Hopefully) the last AF for the next 10 or 11 months is here…decreased Lupron to 5 units and started Dexamethasone, which is an oral medication that is supposed to help with egg quality.

Thursday 7.24.08– Kerry went in for Day Two blood work and an ultrasound – everything was clear – this cycle is a GO!!!  Also paid the balance of what we owe Conceptions for our IVF cycle (only not really, since we will likely have a 5-day transfer, which is an extra $2K, and ICSI, which is an additional $3K).  Holy crap.

Friday 7.25.08– Kerry started Menopur 225 iu at 7 o’clock this morning (along with the Dexamethasone).  We’ll do 75 iu of Bravelle and 5 units of Lupron tonight.  This dosage will continue for at least the next two to three days, until the next blood draw and ultrasound on Monday.

Monday 7.28.08– First ultrasound and blood work results are in!  Kerry has 14 follicles, and they are all still pretty small, but the average person only produces 8 by the time they reach Day Six, so we’re cool with that!  Her estrogen level went from 30 last Thursday, to 148 today, which is also AWESOME!  We will continue with 225 iu of Menopur in the morning (with the Dexamethasone), 75 iu of Bravelle and 5 units of Lupron in the evening until our next appointment on Thursday.

Thursday 7.31.08– Second ultrasound and blood work results are in!  Kerry still has 14 follies, and they are measuring (in mm) 18, 17, 14, 14, 13, 13, 12, 12 11, 10, 10, 10, 9, 9.  Her estrogen went from 148 to 883, and her endometrial lining was a 10!  Doctors orders were to continue with the same dosages of medication, and come back tomorrow morning for another ultrasound and blood work, so we will update tomorrow!

Friday 8.1.08 – Third ultrasound and blood work results are in!  Kerry now has 15 follicles, ranging from 9 – 18 mm, and her estrogen went from 883 to 1416.  We will go back to the RE tomorrow morning at 9:15!

Saturday 8.2.08– Fourth (and final) ultrasound and blood work is complete!  This morning was our last dose of Menopur, and we’re done with Bravelle and Lupron (and Dexamethasone) as well – woooo hoooo!!!!  We have been instructed to do our trigger shot promptly at 9:30 tonight, and our egg retrieval has been scheduled for 9:30 Monday morning!  Holy crap!!!!

Sunday 8.3.08– Trigger shot is DONE!  This morning at 8 a.m. (and again at 8 p.m.) Kerry began taking Doxycycline, which is just an antibiotic that helps fight off pelvic infections during the IVF process.  She will take this today, and for the next five days.

Monday 8.4.08 – Egg retrieval day!  We went in at 8:30 this morning to film a brief Q&A for our friend’s documentary, and then checked in promptly at 9 a.m.  By 9:30, Kerry was under intravenous anesthesia, and the egg retrieval process began!  They got 16 eggs (we were only thinking they would get 10-13)!!!!  The embryologist let us know that they expect around 80% of them to fertilize and make it to tomorrow, and we should be getting a call sometime tomorrow late morning with the fertilization report.  As of right now, these are no longer Kerry’s eggs and Jeff’s sperm – they are our embryos.  Awwww!  At noon, Kerry began taking Medrol, an oral steroid which prevents inflammation in the uterine lining (that may impede the implantation of embryos).  She will continue this medication for four days.

Tuesday 8.5.08 – Fertilization report is IN!!!  Sherri, our embryologist, called around 10 this morning with the good news.  Out of the 16 eggs they retrieved yesterday, 15 of those were mature, and 11 made it overnight – we have 11 potential candidates for the two embryos we will implant later this week!!!  We will get a call tomorrow morning letting us know if we will go in for our transfer on Thursday or Saturday.  We’ll keep you posted!

Wednesday 8.6.08 – Fert report #2 is GOOD!!!!  Sherri called again at 10 this morning to let us know that out of the 11 embryos that survived Monday night, 8 of them are “very, very high textbook quality” embies, and the other 3 are “good” quality.  She has set us up for a 5 Day transfer on Saturday at 11 a.m.!!!  We couldn’t be more excited!  We started up with injections again today, at 6 a.m. – one injection of hCG and one injection of PIO (progesterone-in-oil).  The PIO shot is a PITA (pain in the ass), literally. 

Saturday 8.9.08 – Our second injection of the hCG booster was this morning (along with the PIO), and then we were off!  Two perfect Grade A blastocysts were transferred into Kerry’s uterus at about 11:38 this morning, and we couldn’t be more excited for the results on August 20th!

Monday 8.11.08 – Kerry started on Climara, which are estrogen patches, this morning.  Good times. 

Tuesday 8.12.08 – Our third, and final injection of the hCG booster (along with the PIO) was this morning.  Thank GOD, we only have the daily PIO injections now, and nothing else!

Thursday 8.14.08 – Kerry went in for her progesterone level blood work today, and it was at 205.  They like for it to be around 20-100, so as usual, Kerry is being an overachiever.

Saturday 8.16.08 – Kerry replaced her first two Climara (estrogen) patches with two new ones today.

Sunday 8.17.08 – Kerry went in for our first beta today.  The beta number will measure the amount of pregnancy hormone that is in her system.  We chose not to find out the number, since we want this number to double by the next time we go in.  We go in for the second (and final) beta on Wednesday.

Wednesday 8.20.08 – Kerry went in this morning for our second, and last, beta.  After the longest afternoon of our lives, we listened to the message from the nurse together and she said that WE ARE PREGNANT!!!!!!  Our first beta was 153, and they wanted that to at least double in 72 hours.  Today it was 399, so we are good to go!  Kerry’s progesterone today was at 237, which is amazing – and she was cleared to take off the estrogen patches today – woo hoo!!!!

Friday 9.5.08 – We went in today for an emergency ultrasound since Kerry was in a car accident last night, and we got the surprise of our lives – IT’S TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!  Baby A was measuring right on track at 6 weeks, 4 days, and had a heartrate of 120, and Baby B was measuring 6 weeks, 5 days, and had a heartrate of 135.  We also got to HEAR the heartbeats of both babies, which was totally amazing. 

Tuesday 9.16.08 – Ultrasound #2 was a good one – both babies are measuring on track, and this couldn’t be a better 30th birthday present for Jeff!  Baby A was measuring 8 weeks, with a heartrate of 168, and Baby B was measuring 8 weeks, 1 day, with a heartrate of 164.  We got to hear both babies’ heartbeats again, and it was just about the coolest thing ever.  Today was a big day for us – GRADUATION DAY from the RE.  We got to give Dr. Swanson and our embryologist, Sherri, big hugs, and thank them for finally giving us the chance to be parents!  Kerry’s P4 (progesterone) was 148 without having taken her PIO injection this morning – which means we are no longer doing the PIO anymore!!!  YAY!

Our next appointment is with our new OB…stay tuned!



6 Responses to “Calendar of events”

  1. arti said

    Hey J&K,
    I dont know you guys 🙂 but I am also in the same boat as you guys. I really pray for a successful pregnancy for you guys ….
    Take care

  2. Cara Stoddard said

    Kerri–I have spent the day and I mean day catching up with you both via email and your blog. I cried tears of sadness and hapiness for you and Jeff. As a mother my heart ached for you, as a friend I was sad we weren’t in contact for the last 10 years. I won’t begin to try and understand your struggles but I will thank you for allowing me in your life via your blog and helping me understand a little more of this world of infertility that I am unfamiliar with. You will be an amazing mother. I am so happy for you and Jeff and look forward to following your pregancy. Take Care.

  3. mom said

    Jeff, I’m so impressed. What a nice surprise
    for Kerry. Love you both, and of course the
    newest members of our family.

  4. mom said

    I just took a long nap and find I’m am now getting
    sore, but I feel ok. The procedure wasn’t bad.
    I thought I would be put under, but was given only
    enough “juice” to get through the pain. I watched
    what I could on the screen and was able to talk,
    mostlly asking questions. I should be able to get
    out and about in a couple of days. The pictures are
    wonderful, I love checking them each day. I know as
    parents you think the boys are cute, but they really
    are. Max really photographs well. I’m not saying
    this because their are my grandchildren, they really
    are the cutest. Can I leave a message on the daily
    blog or need to switch over to the calendar? I’m ususally in a rush and don’t take the time to switch
    over. Maybe that is why the comments are slim.
    Beautiful, beautiful babies!!

  5. mom said

    Max is so cute in the lastest pictures.
    I could just eat him up!!

  6. mom said

    Another neighborhood gathering and another crowded
    office with everyone gaping at the computor as I
    show off the pictures of the boys. I smile just
    thinking about them. Love all of you!!

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