Jeff thought it would be fun to log my cravings, since I had my first one tonight.  Yuck.  Yucky yuck yuck.  I cannot believe I just put what I ate into my body, but I did, and it was FANTASTIC.  The baby (babies) are very happy…

August 25th– I saw a commercial for the Wendy’s Baconator – two patties of beef, two slices of cheese, and 6 (yes, 6) slices of bacon.  I had to have it…and I almost ate the entire thing (Jeff had to finish it for me), which really grosses me out – but hot DAMN was it good!!!!

September 14th– This is for you, Noell!  I wouldn’t necessarily call this a “craving”, but I was drinking an orange-flavored Pellegrino (Italian sparkling water), and I thought that pickles would go good with the water, so I ate about 5 or 6 whole (Clausen – yummmmmm) dill pickles.  And now, I’m craving pickles, but the only way to get them at work is to go down to the cafeteria and pay 75 cents each for one…

September 19th– This really isn’t a craving per se, but I’ve discovered that I can only drink (and enjoy without gagging) water when it is ICE COLD.  I’ve also discovered that I am one of a few people who refills the ice trays in our break room.  Not cool.

October 15th– Jeff IM’ed at work today, telling me about the new cheeseburger bacon pizza at BJ’s.  Now, why would he do that to his pregnant wife?  I’ll tell you why – because he wanted some cheeseburger bacon pizza!  It was delicious, and tasted EXACTLY like a cheeseburger on a pizza crust.  Hello new craving!  Oh yeah, we also got a Ghiradelli double chocolate cookie for dessert, and it was topped with double chocolate chip ice cream.  MMMMMMMMMMMMM.

November 2008– Sorry this section is so lame, but I just haven’t had that many cravings, believe it, or not.  I did think of one that I’ve had in the last week, or so, and it is soooo bizarre.  I cannot get enough of baby spinach salads with fresh strawberries, feta cheese (yes, it’s pasteurized), and strawberry vinaigrette dressing.  So freakin’ good – in fact – I just had one for lunch a few minutes ago!

November 2008-BURGERS! Big ones, small ones, always with cheese.


12 Responses to “Craving watch 2008”

  1. Stacey said

    You are lucky. Early on in my last pregnancy, bacon made me bloat so bad to where I looked 8 months pregnant when I was really only like 6 weeks pregnant. Seriously! 🙂

  2. Noell said

    LOL! The name, “Baconater”, just sounds like a heart-attack waiting to happen but I’m glad that you enjoyed it! 😉

  3. Robin said

    That is awesome! I was addicted to frosties for the majority of my pg. I had about 2 a day for at least 2-3 months. Enjoy!!

  4. Porche said

    I saw the commercial for the Baconator last night. There’s a whole lotta bacon going on there.

  5. Megan said

    I can’t believe you ate the Baconator!! Blegh and double blegh. ; )

  6. Noell said

    Okay lady, I know you’re feeling gross lately but you have to have some sort of craving update! And if not give us your aversions…well, maybe the list is too long so give us only a couple! 😉

  7. Noell said

    Woohoo for pickles!! Gotta love ’em (I think I ate a whole jar in about a week with my first pregnancy)!! Keep ’em coming lady!

  8. Tiffany said

    LOL, we will get those non-refillers!

  9. Molly said

    I’m the SAME WAY with the water. Lots of ice or no thanks!
    And I never got the pickle thing.. But it’s very quintessential-pregnant-lady of you. I like it 🙂

  10. Noell said

    Hmmm…cheeseburger pizza, I’ll analyze this one at get back to ya!

  11. Cara said

    When will you add sushi to this list?

  12. Jenny said

    I love this list! But I have to say that I know a craving you had, that you didn’t mention…. You did crave sushi (non-fish kind) about a month ago. That was a good night for all of us! You wanna go again in a week or so? 🙂

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