We can’t divulge too much information, but we had a “media outlet” come to our house for an interview this weekend.  The interview continued yesterday, with us taking them to Swedish for a tour of the NICU, to Conceptions, and then back to our house for candid video of us playing with the boys.  The details of who and why will be known in a few months and we can’t wait for everyone to see the results.  Here is video 3 of 3 from yesterday, don’t miss Max’s new sad face at the start.  You can see parts 1 and 2 at our YouTube page.

Along with all the hustle and bustle, both Max and Wes graduated to new pacifiers.  I tried to get them to take them last week but they didn’t seem to care for the new shape.  Amazing what a change a week makes.  Max had already started trying to suck his thumb and now Wes is too.

Max also now has enough hair for a fauxhawk.

Fohawks Rule

Fauxhawks Rule


You Tube cuteness

June 22, 2009

Little monsters

April 14, 2009

Poor Rex…


Wes in video

April 11, 2009

p.s. There’s a smile at the 1:19 mark.  =)


Here is some video we took of the boys today, we hope you all enjoy it. =) Sorry for our sleepy little Max, we caught him on a lazy day – at least our little Wes is wide awake for your viewing pleasure…