So, I have been doing the whole Stay-At-Home-Dad bit for a few weeks now and let me tell you, this is no joke.  As I have said before, I never thought this would be a walk in the park, but it is definitely harder than I ever could have imagined.  Yes, I get to watch TV all day and generally not do a thing, but when you may have only slept for 3 hours you try to get in as many naps as possible between the 2.5 hours you have left before the next feeding.  The day to day events aren’t so bad – it’s mainly the sleep, or lack thereof.  It’s amazing how little sleep ones body can actually run on.  Next up would have to be Wes’s reflux.  Some feedings he is perfectly fine, but the ones when his reflux kicks in are not fun by any means, especially for him.  When it gets really bad he can be fussy ALL DAY.  Trying to take care of Wes when he is in pain, while also trying to care for Max makes for a very long day.  I can say (without a doubt, at least for me) that this is easier than when the boys were in the NICU.  That time they spent in the hospital was so emotionally draining, which is a lot harder to deal with than the physical\sleep deprevation aspect.

Please understand that I am not complaining.  We have waited for this for so long, and at this point there is still no other place I would rather be than at home taking care of our boys.  I wish Kerry could be here with me, too.  Not so much for the help, but so that she could get to see and hear and feel everything I do.  

I should probably take some people up on their offers to go on walks and such, i just have not found my rhythm yet.  Once the boys and I do get into our rhythm I will be more up for getting out of the house with the them.  I would love to get out for lunch and\or to the zoo, or anything really.  Well, not anything – crowded, confined spaces are known to be germ havens so they are out of the question.

I have an appointment for Wes on Thursday to see if the doc will do anything for his reflux.  Once that is under control I think things will be a lot better.

To wrap it up, getting to be home with the boys is the best feeling ever because I get to watch them grow physically and mentally.  I can see them recognizing me more and more every day, and the facial expressions they make as their little personalities develop are priceless.