30 weeks today!!!

February 15, 2009

Not much to report today (and the boys are still the size of squashes…or is it squash…).  I wasn’t feeling very well yesterday, so we didn’t end up eating the delicious meal that Melissa made for us – but we plan on eating it tonight, and I can’t wait!  Photos to follow…

I am VERY excited to be 30 weeks today, but man, I have been feeling like total poo the last few days.  These little ones are taking over my body in every way, shape, and form.  I usually have one baby in my rib cage and one in my pelvic bone, so you can imagine how uncomfortable that is!  They are making it hard to breathe, to sit up to eat, to lay down and eat, to sleep, to be awake – you name it.  People are probably wondering how someone on bed rest can be so.damn.tired, but I’m telling you that it’s possible.  My back is freakin’ killing me, the restless legs thing is going to make me go crazy, and the only thing that helps with these things is getting up and walking around – two things I’m not allowed to do.

But – I’m 30 weeks pregnant today!!!  =)  Best case scenario is that we schedule a c-section for sometime around 6.5 weeks from today (we’ll find out more about that at our appointment next Wednesday), and worst case scenario is that the boys decide to come before that.  If I were a betting woman (and I am…sometimes), I would put my money on the BoGo coming around the week of March 9th (which would put me at 33.5 weeks).  I don’t know why, I just have a feeling.  But I know that there is NO WAY these babies are staying put until April…call it mother’s intuition, but you can mark my words.  I sure hope I’m wrong, but we’ll see.


Maternity photos!

February 10, 2009

Okay you guys, here is a peek at some of the photos from our little maternity photo shoot on Sunday.  Kari took so many great shots, and these are our favorites.  I hope you enjoy them, and if you want a great photographer at a very affordable price, Kari’s website is www.k23photo.com.  She also does really cool birth announcements and other cards (like invitations).  I guarantee she won’t keep her prices this low for long…the girl has got a LOT of talent!  Thank you soooo much, Kari!








29 weeks today!!!

February 8, 2009

We are 29 weeks pregnant today!  Another week down (and three more until we hit the big goal of 32 weeks), which is always a good thing when you’re in our situation.  =)  And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…a new piece of produce!!!!  Introducing the squash!


The babies are now the size of squashes, and all five of their senses are fully functional now.  Their muscles and lungs are still maturing, and their heads are getting bigger to make room for their huge brains (duh, they are our children).  I just read that each boy is now taking approximately 250 mg of calcium each day to help their growing bones develop, so I’m being really careful to drink a lot of milk, eat lots of cheese (while taking my stool softener, because…well…you get my drift), and if I don’t think I’m getting enough calcium after all of that, I do have Caltrate.

I’m thrilled to have another week under my belt because as you all know, I’ve been pretty depressed the last few days, and reaching each mini-milestone really does help my morale.  And the good news is, I think I’m coming out of this funk, so thank you for hangin’ in there while I felt sorry for myself for a few days. 

I do have to run this morning (well, not run…but leave the computer for now) – Jeff and I have a good friend who is coming over to take a few maternity photos of us in the nursery since I can’t get out to a studio to do so.  I’m so excited!!  I just thought we wouldn’t be able to do this because of the house arrest, but I guess it pays to know the right people, huh?  I can’t wait to see the end results – and to show all of you as well!


28 weeks today!!!

February 1, 2009

28 WEEKS!!!  WE MADE OUR FIRST MILESTONE AND THE BABIES ARE STILL WHERE THEY BELONG!!!!  YAY!!!!!!  Weeks 24-28 are very important with regards to the babies’ development, and I have made it!!!!  And…I’m seven months pregnant (and in the THIRD TRIMESTER), which is so hard for me to wrap my mind around.  Aside from how slow things to be moving with this bed rest and all, it seems like yesterday when we found out that our one and only round of IVF was successful.  I can’t believe the boys will be here so soon, and we will finally have the family we’ve always dreamed of having!

The babies should weigh around 2 1/4 pounds each by now, and be around 15 inches long, but we will know for sure once we have our perinatologist appointment on Wednesday.  I just can’t wait to see how big they’ve gotten, we haven’t had a growth scan since I was released from the hospital, so it’s been a while!  The boys are blinking all the time now, and I’m really hoping that they have Jeff’s gorgeous eyelashes (I guess my eyelashes aren’t too shabby either).  They should also be able to see the light that filters in from the outside world through my womb, which is super cool.

This is what fraternal twins look like in the womb at 28 weeks, except our little guys look a little different.  The baby on the right (in this picture) would be considered Baby A, because he is closest to the cervix.  Our Baby A, Bo, is currently head-down, and always has been (at every single ultrasound), but his little brother is normally transverse (lays crossways above Baby A) or breech, depending on the day.  I don’t think Go has ever been head-down, which further proves that he is going to be our little trouble maker.  =)twins_week28_rollover_index

Oh, and I don’t know if I ever mentioned anything on here, but I passed my GD (gestational diabetes) test with flying colors.  I guess all of that eating well and exercising (pre-bed rest) paid off!  I took the test the day I was admitted to the hospital, so I’m pretty sure I didn’t say anything!


27 weeks today!!!

January 25, 2009

We’re still in eggplant-land for another two weeks, but now the little ones should be about 2 pounds and 14.5 inches long each.  I won’t know much about how big they are for another week and a half, as that’s when our next growth scan is (but I cannot WAIT to see how they’ve grown).  All of the books say they should be sleeping and waking at regular intervals now, and if it’s any indication of how they will be in the outside world, we are in big, big trouble.  They were up kicking me ALL NIGHT last night, and that, along with the horrendous acid reflux, was about enough to make me go crazy!

Their little eyes should be opening and closing by now, and their brain is continuing to be very active because of all of the additional brain tissue that is developing.  This is the last week in the second trimester, and the third trimester just cannot come soon enough, as it’s our first “mini goal” or milestone.  Making it to the third trimester back in the beginning seemed like an impossibility, and now it’s so close…


26 weeks today!!!

January 18, 2009

YAY!!!  These weekly posts will start having a whole new meaning to Jeff and I now that we actually need to hit each week as a “milestone” in our pregnancy.  Actually, our first “milestone” our perinatologist wants us to hit is 28 weeks (7 months), which now doesn’t seem so far away.  Just as a FYI, the second “milestone” will be 32 weeks, and finally, the last “milestone” will be the end of my bed rest, which will be 33 1/2 weeks.  Hopefully our boys will be big and strong enough to live in the outside world by then (they are already measuring ahead of normal, so that’s good), because I have a feeling we will be meeting them a lot sooner than we had originally anticipated.

Speaking of my bed rest, I feel the need to clarify exactly what my prescribed bed rest actually is, since it seems as if some of my friends think I’m just on an 8 week long vacation.  Hardly.  Under the strict orders of my perinatologist and my OB, I am to remain laying down, with my feet elevated above my cervix pretty much all day long.  My peri said he would “allow” 2 hours per day of either sitting or standing, but the rest of the day must be spent laying down in the above position, preferably on my left side.  That two hours a day goes by REALLY fast if you take into account the fact that (a) I’m 6 1/2 months pregnant, so I pee all.the.time, and (b) I try to shower every day, and that usually eats up at least 15-20 minutes of standing up time.  So for my friends who have suggested that I take up scrapbooking or arts & crafts as a way to pass the time,  you will now see that it isn’t really possible for me to do that because of the whole not-sitting-up thing.

The reason my doctors don’t want me sitting or standing isn’t only because of the cerclage (cervical surgery I had a week and a half ago), but because I was so far along when the cerclage was performed.  They don’t normally do cerclages on women who are as far along as I am (they are typically done between 14-18 weeks), and unfortunately when you are this far along, the stitches only have a 40-60% chance of holding up (far less of a percentage than if I hadn’t been so far along).  Any unnecessary pressure or stress on my cervix (which can happen from simply standing or sitting too long with the weight of our two babies on my cervix) could potentially bust open my stitches, and we do NOT want that happening.  Hence, the super strict bed rest.  When I am laying down with my feet elevated, there is no pressure on my cervix, no babies threatening to bust open those four stitches holding them in – basically we are safe.

A few of you have asked what would happen if the stitches were to bust open – and although I really hate thinking of that, it is a reality, so I may as well talk about it.  If that were to happen, the likelihood that Baby A’s water sac would come out of my cervix and eventually break open is very, very high.  That would mean early delivery for at least Baby A, and possibly even Baby B, too.  Scary, huh?  As much as Jeff and I are ready to meet our little boys, we aren’t that ready – not yet at least.  They need at least a few more weeks inside, and preferably about 8 weeks.   The one thing I don’t think Jeff wrote about while I was hospitalized, or that I never said anything about on here before now was what the perinatologist said to me after the surgery was done.   He told me that he usually performs 4-5 cercalges every week, and he’s been doing it for 20 years, so he’s seen a lot of different situations and circumstances that would lead to someone needing the surgery.  He said that my circumstance was one of maybe a handful of patients in the last 20 years that he has been really apprehensive about, only because Baby A’s water sac needed to be physically pushed back into my cervix before I was stitched up.  He said he was terrified that he was going to puncture the water sac because it was that close (even after they pushed it back in).  If I wasn’t willing to follow the bed rest rules before he told me that, I was afterward.  

Anyway, back to the 26 week update! 

The babies are still eggplants until we hit our first milestone of 28 weeks, so keep thinking about them being about 14 inches long, and probably (for our big boys at least) around 2 pounds each.  During this week, their testicles are beginning to descend into their scrotum – this journey takes a few days, and just absolutely fascinates me (probably because I don’t have those parts).  The nerves inside their ears are also becoming more sensitive, and I’ve read that the boys should be able to differentiate Jeff and I’s voices as we talk with each other.  How cool is that?  The babies also are taking small amounts of amniotic fluid in and out of their little mouths, which will help to develop their little lungs (they were also both given shots of betamethasone, which is a steroid that helps to develop their little lungs in case they are born early, when I was in the hospital).

I haven’t gained any weight in the last three weeks, but I am definitely getting bigger (as Jeff points out to me all the time, in a loving way).  My one single stretch mark is no longer lonely, as I found two more little guys today – one on the other side of my belly button, and the other one near my hip.  Good times.  Really, I’m not too concerned or freaked out – it’ s just weird to see my body changing so much, moreso in the last few weeks than before.   


Well, this is a little bit of a different update than everyone is used to (and a day late for the first time ever – eek!), but I wanted to keep up with the integrity of the blog for my friends/family/readers, so here ya go!  25 weeks obviously means a lot more to Jeff and I than it would have, had the last  5 days not rolled out like they did.  We could potentially have one or two very, very tiny babies, or no babies at all, but thankfully we don’t have to think about what might have been because for now, the BoGo are safe and sound where they belong.


For the next three weeks, the BoGo are the size of eggplants.  And because we just had a monitoring appointment, we know that they are both around 1.75 pounds each (and about 13 1/2 inches long), which is pretty damn good for twins at this gestational age.  The boys are getting a little baby fat on their thin little bodies, and their wrinkled skin will begin to smooth out as the weeks go on.  If our boys are going to have hair when they’re born, it has already started to grow – I have a feeling they are going to be tow heads just like their mommy and daddy were.

I still haven’t received the results from my glucose test (that I did before I was admitted on Wednesday), but I’m assuming that if it were bad news, I would be on a restricted diet right now.  Tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. I have my checkup and ultrasound with the perinatologist to see how the stitches are holding up, and to make sure the boys are snuggled in for the long haul.  I don’t want to get my hopes up, but they did tell me that if everything goes well at my appointment tomorrow, I could potentially be going home tomorrow afternoon!  I will still be on home bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy, and although it will be hard (my peri doesn’t want me sitting up or standing for anymore than two hours a day every day), I know what I have to do, and why.

More to come later, my mom and aunt just got here, and I need to lay down…


24 weeks today!!!

January 4, 2009

Wow.  What a milestone day today is.  Even though I have been telling people for a week that I’m 6 months pregnant, the day is actually TODAY!!!  And what an exciting few days it’s been – we’ve been getting our house more ready for the BoGo to come home – organizing, moving storage bins to the shed, putting together the nursery, etc.  Jeff and I worked on the house from 11-5 yesterday, and we got SO MUCH DONE, I’m just so proud of us (and hopefully today is a little more laid back)!  We were just at Babies R Us last night, and decided to check on our nursery furniture, and it came in two weeks ago!!!  They had fat-fingered my phone number, so they were just waiting for us to call them – yikes!  But holy cow, can I tell you how excited I am to FINALLY be able to set the cribs and the glider/ottoman up?!?!?!?  We are hoping that Marty (Jeff’s brother) and LeAnn get back from Steamboat early today so that we can borrow Marty’s truck (and his muscles) to get the stuff to our house.  I cannot believe that we might have our nursery set up by the time my sister gets here on Tuesday!!!!!  EEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKK!!!!

Yes, just a little bit excited.

The boys are still papayas this week (stay tuned for a produce change next week), and apparently my uterus is now above my belly button, which would explain why I’m getting bigger by the minute.  I still don’t really understand how some people think I’m “so HUGE”, because I think I look pretty damn good for being 6 months pregnant with TWINS.  The girl at Starbucks the other day couldn’t believe that I was only this big being that far along with twins – yeah, she got a tip.  Oh, and a sidenote – it’s never, ever, EVER a good idea to tell a pregnant woman how tired they look, even if they really do look tired (chances are – GASP – they probably are tired!).  I’m up about 25 pounds since the pregnancy started (right on track, I may add), and if I gain as my doctor wants me to, I still have at least 15-20 more pounds to go!  The babies should have gained around 4 ounces since last week, putting them both up at a little over a pound each, and I should be having my first gestational diabetes test sometime in the next few weeks.  I should also add that the BoGo are more active than ever right now, and sometimes their little kicks actually startle me!  That’s always fun – every time I jump with one of those strong kicks, it freaks out the people around me.  =)  

We have another ultrasound and ob appointment on Wednesday (which my sister will be going to with us – I’m SO excited for that), where the sonographer will re-take the measurements from the 20 week u/s just to make sure everything is still on track with the BoGo (this is common practice for moms of twins at the practice I go to).  They will look closely at Baby A’s heart rate, and if it’s still irregular and jumpy, we will  be scheduling a fetal echocardiogram to get a more in-depth look as to what may be causing the irregularity.  I’m still not too worried about it, as (a) there’s nothing we can do to “correct” anything that may be wrong, and (b) a lot of times these irregularities end up correcting themselves, particularly if the four chambers of the heart look normal (as Bo’s did).

Here is a picture showing what twins look like in the womb at 24 weeks –



23 weeks today!!!

December 28, 2008

No picture today, as the babies are still the size of papayas.  Supposedly, I should be able to see them move underneath my clothes, but I haven’t seen anything of the sort yet, so I’m not holding my breath.  Although I did get some new fizzy balls for the bath today, so maybe I will see if the little ones create any ripples in the bathtub!

This week, the blood vessels in the BoGo’s lungs are developing to prepare for breathing, and the sounds they are picking up from “the outside” are preparing them for the big, scary world they are about to enter in a few months.  They say that louder noises (like Rex barking or the vacuum running) won’t even phase them after they’re born if they have been hearing them from the inside for a while – how crazy is that?

The thing that’s totally been freaking me out lately is that my ankles and feet are really swelling up fast these days.  I really need to concentrate on taking it easy (see previous blog entry) and putting my feet up when I get home to help increase circulation a little bit (not to mention swollen feet and ankles are UGLY).  I’ve also noticed some spider veins around my ankles and a few broken capillaries on my face, which is just part of the gift of pregnancy, so I’ll take them and try not to complain too much.  =)

We have been so busy with Jeff’s family being here the last 5 days that we haven’t made any progress on the nursery, but next week (and weekend), since we have more time off, I plan on us tackling the nursery completely!  I want to get as much done as possible before my baby shower (on the 10th) so that I’ll know what else we need to purchase to be ready for the boys to come home.  Plus, my sister is coming to stay with us for a few days before my shower, and I want her to be nice and comfortable in the new spare bedroom/office.

And in the interest of taking better care of myself, I treated myself to a prenatal massage (my friend is a massage therapist), lunch with my MT friend and Molly, and then a mani/pedi with Molly afterwards.  It probably wasn’t the smartest financial decision I’ve made lately, but Jeff thought it was a great idea that I pamper myself today (after the last five days we’ve had running all over the place), and it was great to have the company of good friends for an afternoon.  Molly is due in two short weeks, so I did want to spend some quality time with her before her little girl arrives.

I’ll try to get some pictures uploaded later today, and get those on here, along with an updated bump pic for your viewing pleasure…so stay tuned!


22 weeks today!!!

December 21, 2008


Weeks 21-24 the BoGo are the size of papayas, and nearing a foot long each!  Their lips, eyelids, and eyebrows are now almost fully-formed, and tooth buds are forming underneath their gums.  The eyes are formed, but there is no pigment in the irises yet, so we won’t know if they will have Jeff’s sky blue eyes, or my greyish-blue eyes that I got from my daddy.  Or maybe their eyes will be green, or brown, or hazel!  I can’t wait to find out.

There has been an increased interest in my growing belly these days, and while some women do not like their belly being touched, I absolutely love it.  I could go about my day all day long with an extra set of hands on my belly, and it wouldn’t phase me at all..I think it’s part of me liking to be the center of attention, who knows?  I know I need to eat this all up before the BoGo get here, because I am fully aware that once they get here, I’m chopped liver.  Anyway, if you want to touch my belly, and I know you, you don’t even need to ask – touch away!  If I don’t know you, please ask first.  =) 

Speaking of bellies, I haven’t gotten any stretch marks yet, and I have to say I’m a little surprised.  Not that I still won’t get some, I just kind of thought I would have one or two by now.  And no, I’m not disappointed.  LOL!

We got A LOT done this weekend – and by “we”, I mean Jeff.  Jeff painted the office/spare bedroom all day on Saturday, while I went out for coffee with the girls in my cooking club in the morning, and went to a girls night/holiday party last night.  I even made the crab and asiago cheese-stuffed mushroom appetizer for the holiday party all by myself because Jeff was busy painting – and for those of you who know us, that is a BIG DEAL (I don’t cook – and they actually turned out really well)!  Today, Jeff touched up the ceiling, while I touched up the baseboards in both the spare bedroom and nursery.  Then, we moved some of the stuff back into the rooms, and they are really starting to take shape.  Most of our furniture and downstairs belongings are still in the garage from getting the carpet installed on Thursday, since I can’t help move the heavy things (Jeff’s brother is coming over to help tomorrow night, thank God).  I cannot wait to get everything set up!  I’m still totally in love with our new carpet, mostly because I really see us using our downstairs more now.  We really never hung out down there before, and our upstairs is so tiny, so this will really be nice!

I do have some sad news though.  Freddie, our Wheaten terrier mix, was put down today.  Most of you have been following along with what he was doing to me (from the message boards I post on), so you know how hard it was for us to come to this decision.  But the guy at the shelter today told us that he thought we were making the right decision, considering the circumstances.  My dad told me that we may well have saved someone’s life by euthanizing Freddie, because you just don’t ever know what an aggressive dog will do in any given situation. 

No shelter would have ever taken him because of his bite history, and we spent over a month trying to look for a new home and/or foster home for him, to no avail.  The months of training, money we spent, and love we gave Freddie just didn’t sink in – I think he was troubled long before we adopted him in February.  I just hope that he’s in a better place now, running around with his furry buddies up in heaven.  Our house definitely won’t be the same without Freddie, but at least I don’t have to be on my toes every day, wondering if and when he will attack me again…