Ok, so last night was a little rough.  It probably wasn’t the worst night to date, but it was high on the list.  After the boys 10 p.m. feeding, Max went down like a sack of bricks, as usual.  Wes, however, would not fall asleep.  We held him, rocked him, and swaddled him, all to no avail.  Finally, at about 12:15 a.m. he fell asleep.  Fast forward to 2 a.m.  I changed Max first and he was as sweet as could be.  Then it was Wes’s turn, and boy did he let me know he wasn’t happy!  I barely got his diaper off and he is screaming bloody murder, enough to wake Kerry.  No amount of shooshing or his wubbanub would calm him down.  Being wide awake, Kerry jumped up and ran to get his bottle which immediately calmed him down.  Since she was up anyway she helped me with their feeding, and then we were back to square one.  Max was lights out, Wes was wide awake.  Kerry held him for a while and he kind of fell asleep, just enough for us to get back in to bed.  That was 2:50 a.m.  At 3:15 a.m. he started fussing again, so I jumped out of bed and held him until we both fell asleep in the chair in our room.   Once I was confident he was out cold I put him back into the bassinet.  He didn’t make another peep while I was trying to fall asleep, but from the looks of Kerry this morning he must not have stayed down long.  We are already feeding him 4 oz every 4 hours, which is as much as the bottles hold, at least the bottles we have.  We saw 8.5oz bottles at King Soopers the other night and I am thinking we will be moving to those very soon (at least for Wes).  I can’t imagine that his stomach could hold any more than that, but Kerry is going to call Dr. Brandon today to ask.

Hopefully it is just that he is growing super fast and he needs the extra amount.  While we don’t want him to be the fattest baby on the block, we obviously want him to be happy.




April 24, 2009


Jeff (taken on my cell phone)