Playing catch up

September 6, 2009

It is so hard to keep on top of this blog now that the boys are more active (and it didn’t help that 3 out of 4 of us have been sick for the last couple of weeks!).  We just want to soak up every single minute of Max and Wes’s new discoveries and achievements as we can, and that means less and less time on the computer.

First of all, I want to update everyone on the latest happenings in our world.  So much has been happening, and we just haven’t had time to tell everyone about it, other than the occasional photo here and/or shout out on Facebook, so I’m just going to list a few fun facts (and not-so-fun facts) about what’s been up with us and our boys.

  • Both Max and Wes have been consistently sleeping through the night for about two months now, which is AWESOME (and yes, we know how incredibly lucky we are).  We usually put them down around 8, and then wake them to eat somewhere between 6-6:30 every morning.
  • We stopped swaddling Max about a month ago, very successfully.  We tried to stop with Wes at the same time, but he just wasn’t ready, so we waited.  We stopped swaddling him about a week ago, and so far, so good.  They are both almost always roll over to their tummies when we put them down, and since it works so well, we don’t fight it.
  • Max is still doing really well at sitting up, now staying upright for up to 30-60 seconds at a time!  He just LOVES all of the attention he gets from everyone when he’s sitting “like a big boy”, and he especially likes being on the same level as his new buddy, Rex.  He and Rex are going to be inseparable – he is always following him around with his eyes – it is the cutest thing!
  • Wes doesn’t really show much interest in sitting.  I think he just may just skip it altogether, and just start standing!  When we stand him up, he stands flat-footed (not on his tip toes like most infants his age do), and has amazing balance.  When we try to get him to sit, he’s really wobbly.  He has also really taken to “talking” all.the.time, and oh my gosh, it could not be any more adorable!
  • Jeff and I have done some MAJOR cutting back on our spending habits.  This all stemmed from when we got an email notification last week that our bank balance was sixty-six cents (yes, you are reading that correctly).  I’m usually on top of our financial situation, but with being sick twice in three weeks, and then looking after two sick little boys, I just lost track of where we sat financially.  Oops. 
  • Our washing machine (the third one we’ve had in a year and a half) took a dump AGAIN a few weeks ago, and we were all set to go buy a new one last Saturday, when Jeff’s parents surprised us by offering to pay for it.  As much as I hate accepting help from our parents, we really did need the help (and I didn’t really want to finance yet another purchase), so we went for it.  We are now the proud new owners of a high-efficiency washer and dryer thanks to Jeff’s folks, so THANK YOU, Art and Sue!
  • For those of you who don’t know us IRL or have seen our updates on Facebook, I want to give you another hint as to what the “big news” is that will be happening sometime in (hopefully) the next month.  Our IVF journey is being published in a major national newspaper (as well as their online version, along with video and everything), and we couldn’t be more excited to share our story with the world!  That’s all I can say for right now, but I promise you as soon as we get word on a “release date”, we’ll let you know!

And now for some pictures from the last few days…

Max chillin' with his bottle with my friend, Marci

Max chillin' with his bottle with my friend, Marci

A great picture of Wes while auntie Marci was holding him

A great picture of Wes while auntie Marci was holding him

Can you imagine if we would have had triplets?  The boys' playdate with Dylan

Can you imagine if we would have had triplets? The boys' playdate with Dylan

The three amigos, just hangin' out while the adults eat and drink

The three amigos, just hangin' out while the adults had dinner

Melissa and Dylan (look at his eyelashes!)

Melissa and Dylan (look at his eyelashes!)

And a cute video of Max enjoying his exersaucer (there are some really great smiles towards the end)…

And finally, GOOOOOOOOOO BIG REEEEEEEEEEED!!!!  I know, I know – Florida Atlantic isn’t much of a feat, but hey – a win is a win!


One Response to “Playing catch up”

  1. Mom said

    Saturday at the tourist center a couple from Iowa (who had been talking about driving here on Highway 20 through Valentine) decided I’d blown all my Nebraska affiliations. They asked me who Nebraska played that day and I said “Oh, football has started?” I did come home and look it up! 🙂
    Max and Wes are just getting cuter every day! And I miss playing with them.

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