August 21, 2009

September is going to bring another change to the blog.  The first change to our blog happened about a month ago, and not many people may have noticed as it was fairly minor.  You can now get to the blog either by the original address of or  The next change will happen in a few weeks and is going to be a pretty major change (this all has something to do with the exciting announcement that we can’t quite talk about yet – soon, but not yet).  We have a pretty good following and felt a refresh was in order, so I/we have been working on a new design.  So that everyone can get a feel for it, here is a sneak preview.  We’ll be back soon with an update on last weekend, the boys’ 6 month appointment, and other miscellaneous pictures of Max and Wes!




2 Responses to “Changes”

  1. Peggy said

    Just make sure those of us who aren’t to tech can still read it and see all those great pictures you two take! Actually I’m not worried – if I need help, I’ll just call. 🙂

  2. seekingsibling said

    Totally jealous of your tech know-how!

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