How does this happen???

August 13, 2009

Last night, Jessie (our nanny) called to say she thought she had food poisoning.

Then, around midnight last night, Jeff started throwing up.  He alternated throwing up and having the runs all night and all morning long.

At about 5:30 this morning, I joined him.

I think there’s probably something going around – a few family members got sick during last weekend, and shortly after, so it’s likely we caught this from them.

Thank goodness for my incredible sister-in-law – she came over this morning to take Max and Wes so (hopefully) they won’t get whatever this is that we have.  Our sweet little boys will be having a sleepover with their favorite cousin, Asher, tonight, and then going to Grandma and Grandpa Mastera’s tomorrow morning.

Can I ask for some positive thoughts and feel-better vibes for Jeff and I (and the boys)?  We miss our little guys horribly, and just want them to stay healthy and happy while we get over this.  Oh yeah, and we have two weddings we’re supposed to be going to on Saturday, and I would be absolutely DEVASTATED if we couldn’t attend them.

We’ll keep you all posted…



8 Responses to “How does this happen???”

  1. Molly said

    Oh no! Feel better family!!!

  2. Sara said

    Hope you and Jeff feel better soon!

  3. krazykids said

    Yuck! I hope everyone feels better soon

  4. lillianclaire said

    Hope you guys are feeling better QUICKLY!!

  5. Megan said

    Ugh! I pray that you both feel better soon and that this doesn’t pass on to W&M!

  6. Molly S said

    OMG!!! I was sick Monday, Regan Wednesday, and Brett yesterday. It made its way through our whole house and I’m waiting for Drew to get it this weekend. Too bad Asher is so cute — all of us wanted to hold him when we knew he wasn’t feeling well!!

  7. twodaisies said

    I hope you get feeling better soon! Sending lots of get well thoughts your way!

  8. Lanie said

    Hope you feel better soon! So glad that you have some help while you recoop!

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