Happy Conception Day Photos

August 5, 2009

Some photos we took yesterday to commemorate Max and Wes’s original entrance into this world…







11 Responses to “Happy Conception Day Photos”

  1. seekingsibling said

    Wow! Look what happened in a year! They are so smooshable!

  2. Kristy said

    What amazing pictures! And a perfect little family 🙂 Love you guys!!

  3. angelika said

    OK – I know this is so wrong to say – but I love that Wes has moobs! (man boobs!) Its like he has a little rack. LOL!

    Beautiful fam!

  4. Auntie Barb said

    It seems like Wes is smiling more. Is the new formula working???

  5. Ondrea said

    such great pictures!! did you guys take them with the fancy camera? I love the one of you with the boys – they look a lot alike there.

  6. ALin said

    You’re boys are adorable! I love your blog by the way! Too cute!

  7. Alexis said

    Great documentation. It’s crazy to think it was a year ago!

  8. Molly said

    Heart… Melting… LOVE those first two. Damn you make cute babies.

  9. Erica said

    They are beautiful, you guys!!!

  10. Sock said

    Wonderful, wonderful photos!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

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