Monday Funday

July 20, 2009

Since this is Jeff’s last week at home with the boys, I took work off today and tomorrow so that we could spend some quality family time together.  Today, we are headed to Cañon City to ride on the Royal Gorge Railroad with Max and Wes (Rex is going to hang at home, guarding the house).  I am so excited, we’ve wanted to do this for a long, long time, but just never did.  On our way back through Colorado Springs, we are meeting some friends for dinner, so that should be fun, too!  I need to hurry and get ready for our big day out, but thought I would leave you with a couple of pictures I took of the boys this morning…





8 Responses to “Monday Funday”

  1. LeAnn said

    Great pics!
    Have fun today!

  2. Cheri said

    The boys are so stinkin’ cute! Have great time at RG!

  3. Kiane said

    Hope you have a great time!!

  4. Laura said

    Those boys are beyond adorable!! I hope you had fun today – I love the Royal Gorge! 🙂

  5. Molly S said

    I LOVE the pictures! Hope you are enjoying your time together!

  6. Lisa said

    Oh i have to know, did you sit river side or rock side? Lol. i went on the train on Saturday and had a great time.

  7. seekingsibling said

    GREAT pics! They’re so cute!

  8. Ondrea said

    Great pictures!!! they look professional.

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