July 12, 2009

So…while we were watching TV today, the Flash Gordon movie flew by in the guide.  I mentioned how horrible of a movie it was and Kristy chimes in singing the theme song.  How she knew it I will never know.  While she was singing it she was holding Max and he LOVED it.  Here is a little video…



3 Responses to “Flash!”

  1. Stephanie said

    Tooo funny!

  2. Mom said

    What did people do before they had internet to look things up? I couldn’t tell what Kristy was singing beyond “Flash!” so looked up lyrics. Kristy was only 2 when that song was released. I didn’t sing it to her. I think Max liked the “throw up my arms” part best. Loved all your pictures…. and noticed some really good ones of Wes last weekend. They are growing so fast… and cuter all the time!

  3. Alexis said

    How funny! I love the pure happiness in those smiles!

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