June 9, 2009


I finally have some time to update y’all on the happenings from the last couple of weeks, or so.  It’s been such an exciting time for all of us – both Max and Wes have started smiling a lot more, we’ve ventured out into the big, scary world of germs on more than one occasion, and my Mom came to visit her favorite grandsons again.  We’re also still dealing with Wes’s general fussiness and reflux, and have had weekly pediatrician appointments to try to “fix” him – poor little one!

Max wasn’t to be outdone by his younger brother, and started smiling at me (us) a few days after I got those first few smiles out of Wes.  It took me a few days to get the smiles captured on film (or memory card), but now Max is smiling almost nonstop – it’s too stinkin’ cute!  We’ve noticed that both boys seem to have dimples, although we don’t know if they each only have one, or one or both of them will have two.  That just makes me so damn excited because I have dimples (Jeff doesn’t), and I don’t see much of myself in either Max or Wes anymore.  It makes it a hell of a lot harder to leave for work in the morning though – Max wouldn’t stop smiling at me this morning, and it was so sweet that I had a hard time walking out the door.  =(

Speaking of walking out the door, we’ve taken Max and Wes out several times in the last few weeks, and (surprisingly) I haven’t freaked out as much as I thought I would.  We took them out to eat at BJ’s (a brewhouse down the street from us) TWICE, Jeff and the boys met his mom for lunch at Chili’s last week, we’ve been to Target, out to brunch, and driven down south to visit Grandma M (at the outdoor mall) last week.  Pretty cool, huh?  I don’t think we’ll be as lax when RSV season rolls around this fall – but for now, during the late spring and summer, the chance of Max and Wes being exposed to RSV is so much lower that we can justify getting out of the house every once and a while.  I’m still leary about going to crowded places like the mall or a more busy restaurant (because of all of the germs), but I think that’s totally justifiable.  Don’t you?

My Mom was out to visit last week, and she just couldn’t believe how big Max and Wes have gotten.  She spent a lot of time holding them and snuggling (sleeping) with them on her chest, and seeing that always makes my heart burst with joy.  Mom always said she didn’t care if we (my sister and/or I) had kids, but I knew she was meant to be a Grammy, and I’m just so happy that Jeff and I are able to give her this experience.  I do get a little sad that my Grammy isn’t around to see this (she died almost 8 years ago), she would have LOVED these little guys so much.  It’s hard not to love them as much as we all do!

It’s a good thing we love them so much, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re as cute as they are either!  I think this (and say it out loud to Jeff) every time Wes cries or spits up (which seems to be most of the time these days).  Poor little guy.  We are now gearing up to try our fourth formula and making yet another appointment with our pediatrician to see if he can make any suggestions to help our little (chubby) guy out.  Sometimes Jeff and I think the reflux/spitting up is getting better, and then we have a day where he spits up 5-6 times during a feeding, and it’s just heartbreaking.  It’s no wonder he’s as fussy as he is – I think I would be too, if I were spitting up 20-30 times a day!  Anyway, we’ll keep you posted on what’s going on with that, just hope and pray that we find something that will help him get through the day with no discomfort!

I think that’s about it for now, I hope everyone has a great week!



6 Responses to “Finally”

  1. Carla said

    Hi there-I think I wrote to you once before…I’ve been reading your blog for a looooong while. I’m 29 (in Philadelphia) and my husband and I have worked our way through 4 iuis, and 3 ivfs for unexplained IF. Total nightmare. Anyway, looks like I’m pregnant for the first time ever(6weeks 4days today) with twins. Your blog makes me that much more excited for this life ahead. Your boys are beautiful and thanks for giving me hope!

  2. Lisa said

    Hey Kerry, isn’t it great to see all thoses smiles? It’s the most wonderful feeling! And I agree with you about getting out. I was nervouse too but I am going crazy in the house.

    Anyway, Dylan had horrible reflux so we switched him the Enfamil AR formula and it has worked wonders for us with his reflux. He wnet from spitting up every feeding to harldy at all.IT is thickend with rice to help it stay down. Don’t know if you have tried it but just wanted to recommend it. It’s so hard to see them in pain from the reflux!

  3. Beth said

    I just love your blog and your little boys 😉

  4. liz said

    thanks for letting me snuggle your little bugs today for so long. they are absolutely precious, fussiness and all (i’m looking at you, wes!). you and jeff are terrific parents. max and wes are lucky little dudes.

  5. militarywifealways said

    Hope the formula change has worked a little poor little man. I am loving on the smiling pictures happy babies always make it sunny and we sure need some sunny days around here

  6. Cathy said

    I hope you guys can find a formula for Mr. Fussypants! Poor little guy! I swear babies whip out the smiles just in time to keep you from wringing their necks in exhaustion!

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