Proud mommy moment

May 31, 2009

Jeff and I went to a friend’s graduation party yesterday (congrats Jessie!!!), and when we got back home, Jeff’s mom was holding Weston.  I knelt down and asked him if he missed his mommy and he SMILED AT ME!!!  Just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, I kept talking to him in that high-pitched, annoying voice you use when you want a baby (or a dog for that matter) to do something cute.  And it worked!  Again!  And again and again!  It was the coolest thing, and yes, I did get a little teary-eyed.  He’s been smiling more ever since, which is so nice since he’s our fussy baby – and I think he might even have dimples like me (I know for sure that he has at least one dimple, don’t know for sure if he has two yet)!!

Anyway, I couldn’t post something like this without pictures, so here are a few I’ve taken of Wes smiling in the last 24 hours, along with some pictures of our other little cutie!



Smiling up at auntie Dayna Rae

Smiling up at auntie Dayna Rae

Looks like trouble

Looks like trouble

Max playing peek-a-boo with auntie Tiff

Max playing peek-a-boo with auntie Tiff

Max and Wes chillin' together

Max and Wes chillin' together

My lame attempt at a pic with all three boys

My lame attempt at a pic with all three boys

Awww, brothers!

Awww, brothers!

I hope everyone had a great weekend – I’ll write more later!



17 Responses to “Proud mommy moment”

  1. Mom said

    It’s great to see Wes smile! And they both look so cute and so big. I love you pictures but I’m ready to see them in real life!!

  2. Chrissy said

    They are so cute, and getting to be such big boys! Wes’ smile just melts my heart.

  3. liz said

    that last pic is precious.

  4. ischwab said

    I cannot belive how big they are getting!!! So freaking cute!!

  5. Molly said

    ridiculously cute!

  6. LeAnn said

    I think they are starting to look more alike- the pic of them together on the chair… too cute!

  7. sara said

    The boys are so cute!! They are getting so big!

  8. Kristy said

    Heart-melting! They can’t possibly get any cuter!

  9. Kiane said

    Awww, they are so darn cute! I love the last pic 🙂 When they smile at you, it is the absolute BEST THING EVER and continues to melt your heart every time!!

  10. anngoldenberg said

    Kerry, your boys remind me so much of Noah and Zach at that age! Keep up the great work! Hope all is well, girlfriend!

  11. Heather said

    I can’t believe how big they are now! WOW – cutie patooties!!!

  12. Steph said

    What adorable pictures!

  13. Alyssa said

    Such a cute smile!

  14. militarywifealways said

    Aww what an awesome moment, and of course lovin lookin at the cuties :0)

  15. Brenda and John said

    Those picture totally made me smile! I cannot believe how adorable your boys are. And that last picture is totally sweet.

  16. Auntie Barb said

    I agree with LeAnn. They are getting more adorable with each picture! Is the new formula for Wes helping curb the reflux?

  17. Lisa said

    *blink* I haven’t been online in a month or so and I have to say.. They have gotten so big! I just can’t get over how adorable they are.

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