Not enough hours in the day

May 15, 2009

How silly of me to think that I could still update our blog on a daily basis once the boys were home – there aren’t enough hours in the day these days!  Jeff and I are finally in the swing of things with all of our new responsibilities (me back at work and he primarily caring for Max and Wes while working a few small jobs on the side), and in the off-chance that we have some free time, we just don’t spend it on the computer anymore.  I know I don’t have to apologize to anyone here, I’m just letting y’all know that I haven’t forgotten about the blog (or the fact that our friends and family rely on us to keep them updated with pictures of Max and Wes)!

This week has flown by – I’m so glad it’s Friday!  Jeff and I use the weekends to catch up on sleep and get stuff done around the house that we don’t have time for during the week.  I’m hoping we can get some cleaning in this weekend, and then maybe I can get a pedicure since I ended up not getting one on Mother’s Day (I just didn’t want to leave my boys!).  On Sunday, Jeff and I are taking Max and Wes back to the Swedish NICU to drop off their preemie clothes (we are donating them to the hospital) and will be visiting our two favorite nurses, so we’re really looking forward to that.

In Max and Wes news, they are (of course) cute as ever, and their personalities are really starting to show up in their waking (and sleeping) hours.  Max is still our sweet little guy, hardly makes a peep, and (for the most part) sleeps soundly…when he sleeps.  We’ve noticed that he doesn’t really want to “miss out” on things – he stays awake until the last possible moment – like until his eyes are so heavy that he physically can’t keep them open anymore.  It’s the cutest thing.  Both boys have really started becoming more aware of their surroundings, and they are even following us (and our voices) with their little eyes.  I’ve been waiting patiently for a deliberate smile from one of them, but I think with their prematurity, they may be a little delayed in this aspect.  Wes is still a little stinker, fussing a lot more than Max, and still having a harder time actually staying asleep.  And he still does the best when he’s swaddled up tight and being held, so that’s what we’ve been doing.  I think the reflux still really bothers him (even after switching to a more “gentle” formula), but Jeff doesn’t think we should make a doctor’s appointment quite yet, so we’re still waiting it out.  Wes is still a lot chubbier than Max – if I had to guess, I would bet he weighs at least a pound and a half more than Max does – and his little rolls are soooo cute!

In breastfeeding/pumping news, I’m thisclose to the finish line and I’m proud to say I will have made my goal of making it to the boys’ 3 month birthday (which is tomorrow)!  Over the last few weeks, I’ve gradually cut my pumping sessions down, and right now I’m only pumping once a day, which I have to tell you all, is HEAVENLY.  Not being tied to that stupid thing 24/7 is SUCH a relief.  I seriously think that weaning from the pump has helped to alleviate some of the stress I had been feeling – it’s nice to actually be able to hold and feed our boys without being hooked up to the old milker!  I feel so good that I was able to give Max and Wes at least a little bit of breastmilk for their first three months, and have let go of the guilt of not being able to provide that for them any longer.  I know that being exclusively formula fed isn’t going to make them any less brilliant or cute or whatever than they would have been otherwise, so I’m okay with it.  Finally.

And speaking of depression, I also feel like I finally have this PPD thing somewhat under control.  The meds are working, and while I don’t think they’re working as well as I know they can, I feel significantly more “in control” of my feelings and guilt surrounding the boys’ early arrival and NICU stay.  I think I probably need to increase the dosage, but don’t worry – I will wait to speak with my doctor before doing so.  All I know is that I feel much more like myself than I have since even before the boys were born (while I was still on bed rest), so thank God for that!  I know that Jeff is relieved that I finally started the meds – he told me last night that I was back to my old, weird self, so that’s always a good thing!  LOL!

I think that’s about all for now – I promise to take some updated pictures this weekend, but in the meantime, here are some photos from when auntie LeAnn (and cousin Asher) watched the boys earlier this week…

My cutie nephew, Asher - don't worry, he's not sitting on a baby

My cutie nephew, Asher - don't worry, he's not sitting on a baby

Ash giving Wes a kiss

Ash giving Wes a kiss

Ash watching Max on the floor

Ash watching Max on the floor

Is it me, or does Wes's head look HUGE in this picture?

Is it me, or does Wes's head look HUGE in this picture?



10 Responses to “Not enough hours in the day”

  1. Lanie & Shane said

    What a great update. Glad things are going so well. And yes, Wes’ head looks huge in that pic. They are both so freakin’ adorable!!!

  2. Sarah said

    Max looks scared of Wes’ elbow being that close to his face!

  3. Erica said

    I am so glad that things are going so well and that you are feeling better, Kerry! Way to go on making your Bfing goal, too! I can’t believe the boys are already 3 months old!

  4. angelika05 said

    From one big headed baby mama to another – Wes’s head looks just right! 🙂

  5. militarywifealways said

    Glad to hear your felling a little better. The boys look awesome 🙂 And I will look forward to reading your blog when you can update, the boys and Jeff come first

  6. Alexis said

    great update Kerry! Happy 3 months to the boys!

  7. Brenda and John said

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better. Happy 3 months to the boys!

  8. Tova said

    Glad things are going good. Yes Wes definately looks like a little chunk (where’d his neck go?!?–HA!) I’m so impressed by how Jeff is staying home for awhile-what an awesome dad/husband.
    My mantra for the newborn period quickly became that you do whatever you can that keeps you sane (and doesn’t harm the kids). ie (breastfeeding, sleeping, doing the “right” thing from some stupid “how-to-parent” book, cloth diapers-I was going to be environmental-but that went by the wayside after about 2 weeks after I voted for the easier/saner method for me)

    sounds like you’re adapting well to parenthood-it certainly is a constant challenge isn’t it (x 2 for you!) I think it only gets better too (esp after the sleeping gets longer and the diapering is less frequent…but esp the sleep part. keep hanging in there. sure am enjoying the updates.

  9. Tova said

    p.s. the boys are getting so big and cuter all the time.

  10. MoDLin said

    Your boys look adorable! Glad to hear you were able to make your target of 3 months worth of breastfeeding. You’ve given them a great start and you should feel proud about that.

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