Midweek update

May 6, 2009

So far, so good with both Jeff and I.  Work has been going a lot better than I would have expected – my friend (and coworker) Tiffany was right – it’s just like riding a bike, I didn’t forget how to do my job.  =)  I’ve actually enjoyed the hour-long commute I have (each way) because it’s someplace other than the hospital or the boys’ pediatrician, which is pretty much the only driving I’ve done in four months.  I’m sure that feeling will fade fast in the days and weeks ahead, but for now, I’ll take it.  The only thing really getting in the way of me enjoying my time back at work is the whole sleep deprivation thing.  Oh.my.gosh it’s hard to function with a clear head on 2-3 hours of broken up sleep.

Jeff is doing well for his first week home with the boys – at least I haven’t found him in the basement rocking back and forth in the corner when I get home from work, LOL!  We have a system down where we take “shifts” during the night/early morning, and that has helped us to get a little bit of sleep every night, so that’s good.  Jeff usually has time to squeeze in a small nap during the day when the boys are napping, so he doesn’t tire too easily.  Last night, we moved the boys from the pack and play in our bedroom to a (shared) crib in their nursery downstairs.  I know that both Jeff and I slept a lot better than we had been sleeping, so hopefully we’re on to something!

The thing we’ve been struggling most with right now is the fact that Weston is really needy and cries A LOT.  I know that part of it is likely due in part to the reflux, but he can’t be feeling that all the time, right?  He just doesn’t seem to like being left alone – he needs to be held all the time, or he just screams bloody murder!  Max, on the other hand, is so chill that he’s content to be left in his bouncy or swing (or just laying on the couch with us) for HOURS.  Part of me feels really guilty for spending so much time cuddling and holding Wes, because it takes away from the time I could be spending with Max.  I just don’t know what to do when Wes is being so fussy.  Any tips from fellow twin mommies out there?  I guess we should just feel lucky that we only have one demanding baby, as opposed to two!

Anyway, just wanted to give you a quick update before it’s time to feed the boys.  And now, some pictures…

Wes with Daddy

Wes with Daddy

Wes lifting his head to look at Daddy

Wes lifting his head to look at Daddy

Max chillin' in his bouncy seat

Max chillin' in his bouncy seat

Max copying his brother, using those little neck muscles

Max copying his brother, using those little neck muscles



11 Responses to “Midweek update”

  1. Kellie W said

    We had a crier too. I assume you are swaddling them already, so my only other suggestion that worked for us was a CD called “For Crying Out Loud”. It has like 10 tracks on it of different sounds like vaccuum cleaner, mommy’s womb & others I can’t remember. We played vaccum cleaner on repeat because it was the only one she responded to but the reviews online were great. It’s been so long for me but I still remember the frustration when they cry and they can’t communicate in any way what’s wrong. Hang in there & I hope you find something that helps little Wes.

  2. Tiffany and Rich said

    You both are rockstars at this! Keep up the good work with those cute boys! Xoxo

  3. LeAnn said

    Maybe the Baby Bjorn with Wes. That way he is close to you and you can still have your hands free. Asher always fell asleep in it- I think he liked hearing my heart beat…

  4. Alyssa said

    Glad to hear things are going well! You will eventually get more sleep. Kudos to you for being able to function at work! I don’t know how you do it. Congrats to Jeff on surviving my himself! Some days will be really hard. It’s almost a guarantee that there will be one day where you may not find him in the corner of the basement, but he will wish he was there 🙂

    As for the needy one issue, we had the same problem. Just go ahead and give Wes what he needs if Max is not having a fit too. We all feel guilty about it, but we all go through it. At some point you will probably find yourself over compensating with Max. They might surprise you in a few months and change roles. My formerly zen baby is not nearly as zen as she used to be and my drama queen has a lot less drama these days.

  5. Marcy said

    I never had twins……..but all I can say “is this too shall pass” These two will flip flop many times in who needs the most. In the end it will all even out. Marcy

  6. Katey said

    Glad things are going well. Maybe it’s a twin thing, but I know my twin sisters got the nickname hap and grump when they were babies because one was always pretty content to wait for attention and wait to be fed and the other always wanted things right then and there and attention first.
    The pics are adorable! They are getting so big!

  7. snarkiemcsnarkster said

    The pics are so cute! I’m glad you two are doing well.

  8. Catherine said

    Hi there,

    I have 30 weeker twins, boys as well! They were born 11/25/08. I can sooooo relate to one baby being needier. Ethan is/was definitely more high maintenance then our mellow guy, Riley.
    Ethan had reflux too, which I think has a lot to do with it. As his reflux got better, his personality did a complete 180! He smiles, coos, and seems generally more content. Before, he was always so pissy.
    I promise it gets better. He’ll start growing out of the reflux and I think this will help the situation a lot.
    Good luck!Your boys are too cute!
    Feel free to email me any time!

  9. MJ said

    They are getting so big!!

  10. krazykids said

    I love the new pictures!

  11. Sock said

    Happy Mother’s Day to a brand-new Mommy!!!!!

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