And two more, for good measure

April 24, 2009



p.s. – Wes’s ophthalmologist appointment went really well today – both boys don’t have to go back for another 6 months – YAY!!!



6 Responses to “And two more, for good measure”

  1. Kiane said

    They are both so adorable!! Great pics!!

  2. Sock said

    The pictures of both of them smiling in the first two sets are soooooo precious!!! You sure have a couple of handsome boys, Mom and Dad!!

  3. Mermaid said

    They are adorable! They look so happy and healthy.

  4. Shay said

    Awww I have been anticipating these pictures, such handsome little men you got there :0)

  5. Katey said

    Absolutely adorable!

  6. sarah said

    I can’t believe how big, healthy and strong (and old) they look this week!!! WOW!
    I hope tonight is better. Sleep deprivation is the pits!

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