Until tomorrow

April 23, 2009

I’m so sorry, but everyone will have to wait until tomorrow to see pics of the boys without their O2 canulas in.  I took a whole slew of photos today only to realize that the memory card wasn’t in the camera (and our new camera doesn’t have an internal memory card).  =(  I would love to do another mini photo shoot now, but the boys had their 2 month shots today, and they are c-r-a-b-b-y.

Until tomorrow…



2 Responses to “Until tomorrow”

  1. Sock said

    Yes, babies tend to be fussy after shots and while teething. Hang in there, and I hope everyone is feeling better tomorrow. Hugs!

  2. Anna said

    Oh no, bummer about the card. There should be a setting in your menu that you can change so that it won’t let you shoot without a card in.

    I’m so happy that your little boys are making such fantastic progress!

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