April 23, 2009

As of noon today, both of our sweet little boys are OFF OXYGEN!!!!!  They passed their oxygen challenge with flying colors, so Dr. Brandon (the boys’ pediatrician) was confident that they would be just fine without it.  We are going to keep the tanks around the house over the weekend “just in case”, but I don’t think we will need to go back to it for any reason – WOOOO HOOOO!!!!!

Words really can’t describe how I feel when I look at our sweet little guys without the big, ugly stickers and tubing on their faces – ahem – I get a little emotional and misty-eyed just writing about it.  Nine and a half weeks later, we finally get to see our babies the way we were meant to.

In other news, Max and Wes are doing CRAZY good in the weight gaining department.  Today, Max weighed 7 lbs, 3 oz, and was 19 1/4″ long.  Wes was 8 lbs, 10.5 oz, and was 20 1/4″ long.  They are both gaining steadily at a little over an ounce a day, which is FANTASTIC.  OMG, I’m getting teary again…maybe I’ll stop for now.  We’re giving the boys a bath this afternoon, so we’ll post clean, cuddly, sticker-and-tubing-free pictures later tonight.  YAY!



17 Responses to “THIS JUST IN!!!!!!”

  1. Lanie & Shane said

    I am SO ridiculously happy for you guys! Now those boys are really going to chase Rex around, huh? Congrats!!!

  2. Tarah said

    Woot! Great news and so glad the little guys are doing so well. 🙂

    And they are growing so big! Good job Max and Wes – keep on growing. 🙂

  3. Kiane said

    YAY!!!! That is such great news!! I’m so glad they are doing so well!

  4. LeAnn said

    Wo! Wo! Yea!!!

  5. Megan said

    Yayayayay!! That is so completely awesome!! Congrats!

  6. Brenda and John said

    Horray! Way to go boys! I can’t wait to see pics.

  7. anngoldenberg said

    Wow! Congratulations!

  8. Catherine said

    That is fantastic news!!! I can’t wait to see pics!

  9. Allyson said

    I’m so super happy for you all!!! And their weight gain is amazing! Way to go boys!

  10. court said

    Go Max! Go Wes! They are doing so well. Good work mom, dad, doctors, nurses :>)

  11. Beth M said

    The boys looked absolutely gorgeous Kerry!!! It was soooo good to see you, too.

  12. Susan said

    Yay!!! Yah!! Yah!! They look great!

  13. BrendaG said

    That’s great news! Keep it up boys!

  14. krazykids said

    Hooray!!! Wonderful news!

  15. Erica said

    Such fantastic news!!!! I am so happy! Way to go, Mom, Dad, Max and Wes! Woo hoo!!!

  16. Sock said

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, it’s been a long journey for all of you, and it keeps getting better and better, each step at a time. Woo hoo!!!!!! Go babies go!!!!!

  17. Noell said

    Great news on both fronts Kerry!!

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