Two months old!!!

April 17, 2009

(gestational age is 0 weeks – newborn)



I cheated.  These pictures were taken today, at two months and one day old, but I wanted to get their weights on the cards, so we waited until today.  The boys had another pediatrician appointment today, and as you can see, they are doing remarkably well in the weight department.  Both boys gained over an ounce a day since last week, which is what Dr. Brandon wants to see for Max and Wes.  We were cleared today to switch them from the super expensive, predigested formula (that’s made especially for premature babies), to a less expensive formula to supplement my breastmilk with, so YAY!  They will have their oxygen levels tested here in the next few days, and Jeff and I really hoping that at least one of them (or both of them) will be off oxygen soon.

My sister and her husband got here last night, and the boys have been really busy playing with aunt Kristy and uncle Joel (and Grammy and Grampy).  It’s been so great having my family here, it just makes me wish that they all lived closer…

Max thinks aunt Kristy is pretty neat

Max thinks aunt Kristy is pretty neat

The newest way to calm Wes down - it works!!!

The newest way to calm Wes down - it works!!!



5 Responses to “Two months old!!!”

  1. Cathy said

    They’re getting big! I think my cousin carried her daughter like the picture of Wes for the whole first year of her life!

  2. Katie said

    They are so big! I’m so glad they’re growing like weeds!

  3. Beth M said

    Awwwww!! Great pictures!

  4. krazykids said

    I can’t believe they’re two months already! Yay for birthday.

  5. Steph said

    Boy how they’ve grown! You’re doing a great job guys!!

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