Little monsters

April 14, 2009

Poor Rex…



12 Responses to “Little monsters”

  1. ischwab said

    LMAO!! I miss the days of the flying baby doll!

  2. Steph said

    So cute!!! Poor Rexy, he doesn’t know what to do with those little guys, does he?

  3. Katey said

    LOL!!! Poor Rex!!

  4. militarywifealways said

    Poor Rexy, guess he thought he had more time before they were after him :0)

  5. Angie said

    Too funny!! It looks like Rex might actually still be as big as them right now. I’m sure that won’t last too long though.

  6. krazykids said

    LMAO. Looks like Jeff might be the little monster though, LOL

  7. Tiffany said

    OMG, that is so funny! LMAO!

  8. nutmegs7 said

    LMAO! That is awesome.

  9. Alexis said

    LMAO! That is sooo funny. My stitches hurt!

  10. Kiane said

    That is too funny!! Poor little Rex!

  11. Noell said

    OMG that is hilarious!!

  12. Brook said

    I’m not sure what LMAO means…but if it means I just peed in my pants a little cause I was laughing so hard…count me in.

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