Confession and thanks

April 14, 2009

Confession – I’m officially eating crow (just as I said I might have to).  This parenting thing is pretty hard, and I even have my Mom here helping me (us)!!!  She got here Sunday night, and I just wanted her to be able to enjoy her grandsons (she hasn’t seen them since they were just a week old), without having to do any “work”, so I just kept telling her that I “was fine” caring for them on my own when Jeff went back to work this week. 

CAAAAWWWWW (imagine that sounding like a really, really, really tired crow)!!!!

Yesterday afternoon, while Wes was throwing his 74th tantrum of the day, I finally caved and told my Mom that I needed help.  I even got out of the house for an hour, or so.  It was glorious.  We also enjoyed the lovely weather (66 degrees yesterday) and went on our first walk with both boys.  They loved it!  In fact, it was pretty much the only time all day yesterday that Wes didn’t cry.  While we were strolling in the park, I noticed just how close we were to the Starbucks a few blocks away, so that is going to be our goal for today – take the boys to the magic that is Starbucks, and use the rest of the gift certificate that Chrissy gave us.

Finally, some belated thank yous – and boy do I apologize if you are still waiting for a thank you, I seriously have about 50 of them left to write, and time just isn’t really on my side right now.  I’m shooting for putting 5 in the mail every day, but it’s pretty hard.  So you will have to settle for an online shout out until then…

Thanks to –

Melissa for the ginger chicken, asparagus, and rice meal (our last meal of the two month long meal delivery project – thanks again Ivory!), Beth for the preemie sleepers, our favorite nighttime nurse Debbie for the adorable outfits from France, Jo, Herm, Julie, Kurt, and Jodi for the Babies R Us gift card, Brenda, John, and baby Ethan for the two super cute creepers, Molly and Brett for the Outback Steakhouse gift card (YUM), Larry and Virginia for the two outfits and Walgreen’s gift card, Jill for the diapers, onesies, hooded towels, and other various baby things, and Tarah for the lovely necklace, t-shirt for Jeff (pictures to follow – it’s HILARIOUS and true), and turtle onesies for the boys.


And I’m off to put the boys (and myself) back to bed until their next feeding!



2 Responses to “Confession and thanks”

  1. Steph said

    Absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help. I would like to help by still bringing you a DQ blizzard. I think they really seem to help whatever is ailing you, especially sleep loss.

  2. Sock said

    Kerry, as you’ve already seen, you’re going to have good days and not-so-good days. Life is a roller coaster, so fasten your seatbelt!

    Though it’s not the same, I can empathize a little from my view point as a kitty mom. Both of the “Baybies” have health issues. Chesapeake has asthma and is on an inhaler (with more meds to come when she gets older). Hudson was just diagnosed with an immune disorder that is not responding to treatment as well as we’d like. Some days both cooperate with their medication. Some days one or both are the cats from hell and fight me tooth and nail. I see it being very similar to having human children. Some days good, some days not so good. We’re both on the roller coaster regardless, and we’ll get through it because we’re good!

    Be kind to yourself. Do what you can, and enjoy the extended family you have to assist when you need a break. You have an amazing support network with all your friends and family. It’s okay to lean on them when you need it. That’s what family and friends are for!

    Big hugs to ya (and the Baybies say “meow”).

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