Tipping the scales

April 1, 2009

Don’t cry Wes, we don’t mean to call you chubby – but it’s true!!!  Look at our little porker – 6 lbs, 3.6 oz tonight!!!  Sorry about the picture quality, we didn’t bring our “good” camera to the hospital tonight.

Wes - 44 days old and 6 lbs, 3.6 oz

Wes - 44 days old and 6 lbs, 3.6 oz

And we didn’t get a picture of Max on the scale, but he was 5 lbs, 2.6 oz at last weigh in.  I have a feeling he will be catching up to his little brother in no time, as he’s doing really, really well on his feedings. 
Max - another milk-induced coma

Max - another milk-induced coma

And one more picture because I’m exhausted these days and forgot to post it the other night – a picture from Jeff and I’s date at Vesta…

The "Last Supper"

The "Last Supper"

You will all have to forgive me for being a slacker on the blog this week, Jeff and I are trying to get last minute things done before the boys are home with us.  =)  I promise you that it will be worth the wait – we’ll be posting pictures non-stop before you know it!



14 Responses to “Tipping the scales”

  1. krazykids said

    They really are getting so big!

  2. angelika05 said

    Hello chunky monkeys!

  3. militarywifealways said

    No need to apologize the boys are the priority right now, we will still be here when your ready to post :0) I showed my husband the pictures and he replied boy they are getting hearty :0)

  4. liz said

    they look great! they’ll be looking like chunky easter hams in no time. nom nom nom.

  5. lauraandlee said

    Wow, they are growing so fast! You look beautiful in your photo by the way 🙂 I’m SO excited that they’re coming home so soon – please let us know if there’s anything at all we can do.

  6. Alexis said

    Nice sizes! I’m so excited for them to come home, where they belong. You looked fantastic for your date night!

  7. Katey said

    Yay for packing on the pounds! So so excited for you to bring them home!

  8. nutmegs7 said

    So big and so strong!! Grow boys, grow!

    And you look absolutely gorgeous in that photo, Kerry! Jeff is one lucky guy. ; )

  9. Kerry and Jeff – they look great! Talk about little “porkers”! Great to see. Can’t wait to see your family.

  10. Brenda said

    Way to go, boys! You look fantastic Kerry!

  11. Heather said

    I will echo the sentiments of everyone else… you are one gorgeous, hot momma!

  12. Noell said

    That’s great about the boys’ weight gain! They’re on their way to being little linebackers!
    Love the pic at Vesta…your hair looks fabulous as always!

  13. erica said

    Way to go Mom and Dad! It’s so good to see how big the boys are getting. I’m so excited that you get to bring them home soon!

  14. Steph said

    I don’t have any advice – just lots of love for two people who deserve it. Congratulations again you guys.

    P.S. MMMM Vesta

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