The last supper

March 29, 2009

I should clarify – the surprise from yesterday was kept a surprise in large part to Jeff, but my girlfriends are the ones who planned the entire thing.  I still smile so big thinking about how great those women are.  =)

Jeff and I had what I assume will be the last dinner out we have in a long, long time last night.  We went to Vesta Dipping Grill, and my friend Tara’s husband (Joe) was our server – he was amazing.  They have a lactose-free menu, so that was fantastic – Jeff and I both ordered off it so that I could have a little bit of what he got, too.  Before our meals came, Joe had brought us several small appetizers – a coconut curry soup shooter and duck confit with a champagne gelee.  So good!  Jeff ordered the smoked and grilled duck breast for dinner, and I ordered the garlic grilled scallops – holy YUM.  Joe had the pastry chef, Adam, prepare a special dairy-free dessert for us (the first time Adam’s done that for anyone, and Joe’s worked there for 5 years), and it was TO DIE FOR.  It was a pear spice cake served with lemon sorbet and caramel sauce.  We had a bottle of wine and some dessert drinks, too.  Our night out was more than I could have asked for, and we cannot wait to go back someday!!!



3 Responses to “The last supper”

  1. Tena said

    OMG I LOVE the Vesta. So good. C took me there for my birthday once, and we went there for our anniversary another time. I’m glad you had such a great time!

  2. Jeff said

    i would have to say it was one of my Top 5 restaurant experiences of all time. Possibly #2.

  3. Noell said

    YUM!! Vesta is one of my (& DH’s) favorite restaurants (and where we went on our first date)! I l.o.v.e the duck!
    Sounds like you had a great date!!

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