Team Weemmax!!!

March 28, 2009

Every year, the March of Dimes puts on the “March for Babies”, which helps and gives hope to families whose little ones are born too soon or too sick.  Our good friend, Ivory, whose daughter, Emma, was born at 29 weeks last year (and just celebrated her first birthday this month!!) walked with Team Amazing Emma last year.  She was generous enough to not only be the woman behind the meal deliveries we’ve been getting for the last two months, but to also organize a team in honor of all three of our babies for this year’s March for Babies.  For every dollar we raise, the March of Dimes donates 77 cents to this very worthy cause – and we are using our blog as a place to ask you to donate to the babies like Emma, Max, and Wes – and the thousands of babies who are born premature or sick each and every year.

If you can’t/don’t want to make a donation, and just want to walk with us, please feel free to join our team – the more, the merrier!  The walk takes place this year on April 25th, at Civic Center Park, and we are hoping for good weather so that Max and Wes can “walk” with us (strapped to their mommy and daddy’s chests).  To make a donation, or join our team, please click on the photo below, which is pictures of the three kiddos when they were all around a month old.  Emma, Max, and Wes, and their families thank you so much for your support!!! 




2 Responses to “Team Weemmax!!!”

  1. Mom said

    A great thing to do for Wes, Max & Emma and all the little ones and their families who spend time in NICU’s! Ivory is quite an organizer!! Thanks.

  2. Noell said

    I was wondering if Max & Wes were going to join Emma this year! Great idea! Maybe I’ll be able to actually walk this year seeing as I’m not 34 weeks pregnant and on exercise restrictions! Woohoo!

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