New digs

March 23, 2009

Great news!  Max and Wes were transitioned into open cribs this morning after their baths!  This is a HUGE step in them being able to come home with us soon.  By moving into these open cribs, they are basically being forced to self-regulate their temperatures, which is one of the components that has to be met before they are sent home.  There is a small chance that one (or both) of them may get too cold being out in the open, but if that happens they will just move them back into an isolette and try again later.  And now, a picture of our boys’ new digs, Max without his oxygen and feeding tubes (just for his bath, they went right back in afterwards), and Wes laying in his nice, clean crib… 

Max is on the left, Wes is still on the right

Max is on the left, Wes is still on the right

Our handsome boy

Our handsome boy

Wiggly little Wes

Wiggly little Wes

Now if Wes could just remember to breathe when he is eating, I would feel a lot better!  He had a really bad bradycardia just as I was starting to feed him a bottle this morning.  I noticed that he started turning blue, and his eyes were starting to roll into the back of his head, so my head snapped up to look at his monitor.  Sure enough, his heart rate was 50-something, and his oxygen saturation was 64%.  Not good.  I began jostling him a little bit, and rubbing his head vigorously to try to get him to remember to breathe, and it wasn’t working.  I was really scared there for a few minutes, but amazingly, I kept my cool.  The boys’ primary daytime nurse, Jan, came running in, and finally got him to take a deep breath, but I was really freaked out.  Once we got Wes settled back in his crib, this time on a tube feeding, Jan told me that she was proud of me.  She said I did the right thing when I saw Wes turning blue, and that made me feel really good.  This is one of the things we are going to have to really watch for when the boys come home, and I recognized what was happening before the monitors caught it.

The good news is, they won’t let either of the boys come home until they are issue-free (NO bradys, at all – along with being able to regulate their temperatures and take their feedings with no problems) for five consecutive days.  The bad news is, they won’t let either of the boys come home until they are issue-free for five consecutive days.  If one of them is on day four, and he has a brady, he starts over.  Simple as that. 

That said, if I were a betting woman (and I am), I would be willing to bet that Max will be coming home before Wes.  I’m also almost positive that Wes will be on oxygen when he comes home (and Max won’t).  I think that everyone, including me, had just assumed that Wes would come home first since he’s the chunky one.  Unfortunately, size doesn’t really matter with NICU babies.  I mean, it matters – but isn’t the deciding factor on whether a baby is ready to come home, or not.  Anyway, stay tuned for at least one of our babies coming home in the next couple of weeks – I know Jeff and I have our fingers tightly crossed.



7 Responses to “New digs”

  1. Dana said

    Scary! Way to stay calm mommy!

  2. Katey said

    Yay for new digs and handling everything so well.

  3. erica said

    Way to go, Mom! Hooray for the cribs! I will keep my fingers crossed that the boys continued success and growth!

  4. Kiane said

    Yay for the cribs!! That’s awesome! And how scary that must have been this morning, but good job on staying calm!

  5. militarywifealways said

    How awesome for the new diggs :0) Crossing my fingers for you guys

  6. nutmegs7 said

    Great news about the open cribs!! Yay! And you are an awesome mommy for knowing what was going on and what to do – I hope Wes can break that habit soon though!

  7. Auntie Barb said

    I am so proud of you. You are one brave mommy. Right on the ball and know exactly what to do and keeping calm at the same time. How awesome you and Jeff are!!

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