Real quick

March 21, 2009

Wes surpassed the 5 pound mark last night, weighing in at 5 lbs, .9 oz.  Goooooo Wes!!!  Max weighed 4 lbs, 4 oz, so he’s catching up slowly.  Both babies were especially cute last night (and this morning) when we went to visit them…





6 Responses to “Real quick”

  1. Lanie & Shane said

    OMG. These pics of both of them snuggled up with daddy (and grampy) are just killing me! So, so sweet!!!

  2. Angelika said

    Oh my goodness! They are SO SO SO SO SO CUTE!

  3. Cathy said

    They are looking so big and healthy these days, you guys. I can’t wait for you to have them home all the time to cuddle them! Are you still restricted about how much you can hold them?

  4. militarywifealways said

    Awww look at them loving on their daddy, too sweet!!!

  5. Porche said

    I just mentally stacked 5 pounds of butter to see how big Wes is. That’s gettin’ up there! They are so cute…

  6. Brenda and John said

    Horray for gaining weight!

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