Thank you for your understanding

March 20, 2009

Man, I am soooo far behind on thanking our friends and family for all of the nice things they’ve done for our family.  And for all of my friends (you know who you are) who keep telling me to stop with the thank you notes and the thank you shout outs on the blog, I can’t.  That’s just me.  I would rather get a “thank you” out 6 months later rather than not get one out at all.  When Jeff and I sent out our thank you notes after our wedding, a HUGE amount of them ended up getting lost in the mail (I mailed a huge handful of them from the Houston airport when we were waiting for our plane to Nassau), and I swear I lost sleep over it.  Again, that’s just me so deal with it.  Please.  =)


Thank you to Jaime for the preemie outfits – all of the nurses in the NICU cannot believe how great they are!  Too cute.  Thanks to Jenny and Joe for the adorable matching onesies and for coming to visit the boys all the way from Arizona.  Thank you to Larissa (African stew), Andrea (teriyaki chicken and asparagus stir fry), and Angie (baked pasta and garlic bread) for bringing us food this last week.  Thanks to Chrissy for the cute knitted hats for the boys (that you will see in pictures from time to time), and thank you to Jeff’s Grandma Bea and Grandpa Al for the super cute baseball outfits that Max and Wes can wear when they are just a little bigger.



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