Wednesday Update

March 18, 2009

So guess who weighs 4 pounds?  MAX! 

Max weighed in at 4lbs, 1.3oz tonight and Wes still gained weight (even though they stopped upping his feedings) and is 4lbs 13.1oz.  Other than the weight gains there were no changes, which I guess is kind of “no news, is good news”.  Both boys were awake when I arrived (Kerry went out with some girlfriends tonight for some much-needed, much-deserved girl time) but the nurse had already changed Max and was getting started on Wes, so she had me sit down and popped Max into my lap.  Shortly after I got Wes, and they both quietly stared at me and occasionally each other.  I had them both for about 30 mins before my visitors arrived.

My niece, Jenna, is in town this week for spring break and came to the hospital with my parents (and her boyfriend) tonight.  She was very excited to meet her new cousins and she was even able to hold Wes for a bit.  Wes was a perfect little boy almost the entire way through his feeding, but as usual, his oxygen dropped towards the end.  A quick trip back into his isolette, and it jumped right back up.  Not much else to report, so here are a few pictures.


Jenna, Grandma, Grandpa and the boys.


Max and Grandpa



3 Responses to “Wednesday Update”

  1. Katey said

    Yay Max!!!

  2. Melissa said

    Woo Hoo Max!!

  3. Porche said

    Go Max! I’m so glad he’s doing so well.

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