Mom, you better have a Kleenex handy!

March 17, 2009

I think it’s safe to say we were all a little emotional today when my grampy came to meet his great-grandsons for the first time.  Are these the pictures of happiness, or what?






My grandpa was quite taken by his new great-grandsons.  At first, he was a little apprehensive about holding them (he kept saying, “they are just so tiny, they’re so tiny”), but Nurse Vicky just kind of forced them into his arms so he had no choice!  He just couldn’t stop smiling as he was holding them, feeling them kick around, and hear the little sounds they were making.  I think he liked them enough.  =)

22 Responses to “Mom, you better have a Kleenex handy!”

  1. Dad said

    Outstanding! Great pictures.

    Love, Dad

  2. Kiane said

    Awww, that is too sweet!

  3. HuskerLissa said


  4. ckolak:-) said

    What precious pictures! I especially love the top one, where you can see their matching bald heads. Absolutely beautiful pictures.

  5. lilcyndiluwho said

    Forget your mom. I’M bawling! Those pictues are so beautiful.

  6. Chrissy said

    So so precious!

  7. Cathy said

    OMG, I don’t even know him and I’m welling up. That’s just so sweet! I must be like the antithesis of your non-crying self.

  8. Molly said

    That is the best picture EVER. EVER.

  9. Katie said

    That is so precious – it made ME tear up!

  10. Tiffany and Rich said

    So sweet, what an amazing day for him!

  11. Beth M said

    That looks like pure JOY!!!!

  12. Brenda and John said

    Are they not the cutest little guys ever? OMG! I love those pictures. What a special thing for your grandpa to get to hold them. Priceless.

  13. Katey said

    That has to be the sweetest picture ever. Need to go find the kleenex now.

  14. Ondrea said

    so damn cute! and just amazing pictures!!

  15. militarywifealways said

    They looked like they are pretty happy with their grampy too :0)

  16. liz said

    best! pictures! ever!

  17. Deanne said

    What photos to cherish for a lifetime. You are so very blessed Kerry to have your grandfather be able to hold those little guys! Just beautiful.

  18. Alexis said

    ahhhh…warm happy heart!

  19. krazykids said

    That’s just awesome

  20. Porche said

    What a wonderful picture!!

  21. Noell said

    OMG!! Those pics are great!! I’m practically in tears seeing how happy your Grandfather was holding his 2 little great-grandsons!

  22. erica said

    Those pictures are beautiful. Just precious.

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