Good call

March 15, 2009

We just got a great call from the boys ‘ weekend neonatologist – both boys are doing really well.  The doctor was cracking jokes about how when one of our boys surges ahead on one thing, the other one has to catch up or surpass him right away on something else.  Case in point, Max is really, really close to coming completely off his oxygen, but Wes is surpassing him in the weight category.  Weston is likely going to be moved from his isolette to a crib sometime in the next week, or two (this happens when they are more able to maintain their body temperature without the help of the incubator), while Max doesn’t seem to be having the reflux issues that Wes has.  It’s cute – my almost month-old boys are already competing with each other. 

We are headed to the hospital in a few minutes to spend the evening with Max and Wes.  Long gone are the leisurely Sundays Jeff and I dubbed “Stinky Sundays” (most of the time, we didn’t bother showering on Sundays, unless we had to go somewhere other a quick run to the store).  No more America’s Funniest Home Videos or Extreme Home Makeover (or even Desperate Housewives, although I do set our DVR for this one).  My heart, and my Sundays, now belong to those two adorable little boys that seem so far away (that 20 minute drive can be a long one sometimes).

Tonight, our friends (who now live in Arizona) are coming to the boys’ NICU room to shoot another installment (possibly the last?) in our IVF/pregnancy journey.  As most of you remember, Joe and Jenny are filming a documentary, and have spent a good part of the last year following Jeff and I on our quest for a family.  I wonder how well behaved our little ones will be for their film debut?

More updates (including pics) later tonight.  I promise, Mom and Dad.  =)



3 Responses to “Good call”

  1. lauraandlee said

    What WONDERFUL news! A crib, no oxygen, good weight gain – that is some amazing growing your boys are doing! Such big steps. I am so happy they are doing well, I think of them (and you guys) several times a day 🙂

  2. Lanie & Shane said

    I can’t wait until all 4 of you are enjoying “Stinky Sundays” at home!!

  3. Kiane said

    Ditto Lanie! And that’s such great news that they’re improving like they are! Yay!!

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