To tide you over

March 14, 2009

Max is catching up to his little brother - 25 days old

Max catching up to his little brother - 25 days old

Wes struggling to get the nasal canula out of his nose

Wes struggling to get the nasal canula out of his nose

Looking through our recent pictures of the boys, I’m realizing that we aren’t really focusing on capturing good pictures of them as much as we’ve been focusing on spending more time cuddling them.  Cuddling is important, but pictures are important too (my Mom and sister will attest to this)!!!

Last night, both boys had a little bit of a weight gain, which is fantastic.  Slow and steady.  Max is now up to 3 lbs, 11 oz, and Wes is 4 lbs, 6 oz.  Max will soon be on 100% (my) breastmilk, and I just know that once he makes the switch he will start packing on the pounds (or ounces) like his little brother!  He was more alert last night than Wes was, so we tried breastfeeding again, and it went so well – he latched on almost the entire time I held him, until he drifted off to sleep.  Holding my boys while they sleep is probably my favorite thing to do right now.  As much as I love starting into their eyes, and watching them wiggle around when they’re awake, the short breaths they take and little noises they make while they are sleeping and dreaming are priceless.



12 Responses to “To tide you over”

  1. Cathy said

    Awww, sleeping babies are the best! They’re looking great! Glad the latching is going well!

  2. Katey said

    Love love love the new pics – so cute. And there is nothing better than a sleeping baby – they are just too precious.

  3. Cara said

    Absolutely adorable!

  4. liz said

    perfection x2. they look amazing.

  5. krazykids said

    They look so good!

  6. Kiane said

    So adorable!

  7. jacqueblittle said

    Those boys are so very beautiful, I am shocked at much they have grown. Congrats to you and Jeff for having such adorable and precious babies. You both have done an amazing job.

  8. Katie said

    look at those little chunkers! they’re looking great!

  9. angelika05 said

    Nollie weighed five pounds when he was born “almost” full-term…Wes is almost his size! WOO-HOO! Omg – I am so glad I am feeling better so I can come and see them in the next week or so. I want to be sure to finish all my meds and make sure I am a 110% better, but I simply cannot WAIT to see them. Oh, and their mama too!

  10. militarywifealways said

    My husband just walked by and said the boys are chunking up there :0) They look so precious, go boys grow

  11. Heather said

    That little Max is starting to look downright chunky! And Wes… what a feisty little guy. I wouldn’t want that thing in my nose, either! :o)

  12. Brenda and John said

    They just keep getting cuter and cuter! I’m glad that they’re gaining weight well. Way to go, little ones!

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