My bad

March 12, 2009

I guess time has gotten away from us the last few days – sorry there haven’t been more updates/photos.  I have been spending a lot more time at the hospital this week, and by the time Jeff and I get home from our nightly NICU visit, we basically have time to eat and then it’s time for bed.

Thank you to the following people –

Thank you to our wonderful neighbor, Nancy, for baking us the most delicious (dairy-free) cookies – she seriously brought us enough to feed a small community, but Jeff and I are having no problem getting rid of them on our own.  Thanks to my friend, Kiane (and fellow former-infertile – they have a 4 month old little boy thanks to fertility treatments), who came to visit the boys on Tuesday and brought us some yummy chili and crackers – perfect for the cold days we’ve had lately.  Thank you to Courtney, Sam, and Brad and Jessica for the sweet cards they have sent.  Courtney even felt inclined to include the most hilarious poem dedicated to Jeff and I…it even included some “vintage” photos of me from high school (darn, too bad we don’t have a scanner anymore…I’d love to show you all.  NOT!).  Thanks to Ondrea for coming to visit last night, bringing the most adorable onesies for Max and Wes (pictures to come around 3-6 months), and bringing us balsamic chicken and rice (which will be our dinner tonight).

I am soooo far behind on my thank you notes, so if you’ve gotten Jeff and I (or the boys) something, and have yet to receive a thank you note just know you will get one – I just can’t promise exactly when that will happen.  I’ve been scrambling to get last-minute things done around the house, things I was unable to do when I was on bed rest, before the boys come home.  I’m not doing too terribly bad on my “to-do list”, but there just doesn’t seem like enough time in the day between hospital visits, pumping sessions, and of course, eating and sleeping.

On a related note, and stop me if I’ve mentioned this before, please do not tell me (or us) to “enjoy the free time/sleep/quiet while it lasts” or anything of the like.  We are in no way, shape, or form “enjoying” being away from our boys right now.  We are not sleeping soundly at night, or enjoying having these last few weeks to ourselves – we have two babies in the hospital!!!  Suggesting that we would be whooping it up and having a ball right now is just about the most ignorant thing in the world to say.  In addition, please don’t tell me (us) that we have “no idea what we’re in for” when the boys come home.  Also very ignorant.  And stupid.  It’s very true that we don’t know what we’re in for – we’re first time parents!!!  I don’t think I know a single person or couple who knew what they were in for when they decided to have children.  Jeff and I are VERY aware that it’s going to be a difficult transition – but – as you can see, we can handle difficult.  Maybe not always in the most graceful way (I’m talking about me here, Jeff), but we can handle it – I promise you.  Oh yeah, and the whole cloth diapering thing we were planning to try?  Don’t ask me about that either.  Cloth diapers are about the last damn thing on our minds these days, and if we don’t decide to give CD’ing a try, I don’t really think that we deserve to be raked over the coals for deciding not to.  A lot of things have changed since Max and Wes came so early, and once they get home we will have a lot more important things to focus on, rather than introducing something new into the mix.

In Max and Wes news – they are cute as ever, and getting bigger by the day.  Last night, Max weighed 3 lbs, 10 oz, and Wes was 4 lbs, 4 oz.  Max is now on 50% breast milk and 50% pre-digested, hypo-allergenic formula, and so far, so good.  No more blood in his stool so far, so we have our fingers crossed.  I would really like to start eating cheese (I miss gouda, pizza, and cheeseburgers desperately) and drinking milk again, but will continue to do what’s best for my little guy.  I also made a pretty big decision in the last few days – I’ve decided to give breastfeeding a shot.  A lot of you know that I was only planning on pumping/bottle feeding since I have to return to work shortly after the boys come home, but things have changed.  I have MAJOR supply issues (I should be pumping around 30-40 oz/day for twins right now, and I’m lucky to get around 12 oz/day these days), and the lactation consultants I have talked to (along with a few NICU nurses) have suggested that I try breastfeeding to help my supply.  See above where I mention that I will do whatever is best for Max and Wes. 

I tried BF’ing both boys the last two days, and it went fairly well considering they don’t usually let you try getting babies to latch on until they are around 34 weeks.  Max was a lot more interested than his little brother (who slept most of the time we were trying), and so far I’m glad I decided to give breastfeeding a shot.  I guess this means I should probably go out and buy a nursing bra, or two, and maybe a cover too.  As of now, I’m planning on BF’ing whenever the hospital lets me until I head back to work full-time, as well as every morning and night before and after work. 

I have a lot more to write about (going back to blonde, my plan to return to work, our talks about Jeff possibly trying to stay at home with the boys part-time, etc…), but also need to make like a cow and pump.  I’ll be back later…hopefully with some new pics.  =)



16 Responses to “My bad”

  1. Jenny said

    So glad you got to try bf! You will have to fill me in on everything at our lunch date! I wanted to tell you that I could have cut and pasted your explanation of things “not to say to parents with babies in the hospital.” Also, we were going to cloth diaper, but now so many things seem to be more important and cleaning 20 poopy diapers a day and having extra laundry is not really something we are too worried about adding to our list. Hang in there! You are great parents and Max and Wes will be home soon!!


  2. Cathy said

    Glad the boys are doing well!

    If you’re interested, I heard that taking up the guitar so the boys can be exposed to music is supposed to be really great for their development. I would suggest also adding the flute, and maybe a woodwind so they can be exposed to a full range of instrument types.

  3. jkmastera said

    OMFG Cathy, that’s awesome!!!!! I’ll bet Jeff will want the flute…

  4. Kiane said

    Yay for gaining more weight!! And that’s awesome that they let you try BF’ing already! You’re right – no first time parent knows what they are in for. For us, it’s been hard at times, but it’s also been the greatest thing we’ve ever done and I love it more & more every day! I cannot wait for you to be able to bring those two little cuties home and experience it 🙂

  5. Kiane said

    BTW, I think you are amazing parents! You’ve already been through so much and are so strong!

  6. lauraandlee said

    I think you and Jeff are beyond amazing! Woohoo for the weight gain and getting to try BFing 🙂 I have a cover if you need it and you’re more than welcome to it, just let me know! (((HUGS)))

  7. Jeff said

    Does Guitar Hero count as “taking up the guitar”? If not we are in trouble. I think I would enjoy the didgeridoo a little more than the flute.

  8. Lanie & Shane said

    I’m so happy to see the update from you guys. I can’t imagine how busy you must be!!!

    I’m happy to hear that the 50/50 mix of bm/formula is going so well. And I think its awesome that you’re getting to try bfing!

    You guys are in my thoughts every day!

  9. jkmastera said

    Jesus Jeff, the didgeridoo?!?!? I have always thought of you as more of a pan flute man…we could see if that instructional DVD is still available from Zamphir – Master of the Pan Flute.

  10. Catherine J said

    Keep growing little guys!

    It always makes me laugh when people tell soon to be or new parents that their life is going to change. That’s the whole idea, no?

  11. angelika05 said

    Wait…whaaaaaa? You life is supposed to change when you had a baby (or two?) Well fluck it all – I missed the freaking memo! So locking Nolan in the dog kennel when I go to work is a no-no? Oh dear. Almost 2 years into this and I am just figuring these things out. 😉

  12. Cathy said

    I did read recently that playing the didgeridoo helps cure snoring. I’m trying to get Ben on that…

  13. Porche said

    I’m glad you guys are doing okay! I won’t say yay or nay on the CD or BF as I have done neither one nor have I had a baby. Keep on taking care of each other and the BoGo. The rest will figure itself out. Next time someone gives you advise, especially since most haven’t been in your situation (IF, then hard PG, extreme bed rest, emergency c-section, premie twins), you know they’re just talking out their arse. My favorite response to those ‘helpful’ suggestions is “Thank you for sharing.” Give it a try if you want. It really works. People love to give advise when they have no f’ing clue.

    Big hugs.

  14. liz said

    for all those “helpful” people telling you what to do or how to feel…SUCK IT. so there. love to you all. can’t wait to see pictures of your blonde hair, and also pictures of jeff playing the pan flute.

  15. mrsmarlowe said

    If you have any questions about supply issues, let me know, I really really struggled with it. You guys are awesome!

  16. Steph said

    You guys are doing a great job being parents. Always remember that!!!

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