Second week pictures

March 2, 2009

(gestational age is 32 weeks)

Max with his teddy bear - 2 weeks old

Max with his teddy bear - 2 weeks old

Wes with his puppy - 2 weeks old

Wes with his puppy - 2 weeks old



8 Responses to “Second week pictures”

  1. Heather said

    Thank goodness the boys are back together again! These pictures are just to cute for words! It’s amazing how much they’ve changed from those first few days. :o)

  2. Ondrea said

    aw! look at how alert Max is! they are definitely growing!!

  3. Stacy said

    So, so, so, so, so, so CUTE! Yay for them being back together again. It really seems as if you are at a great hospitial (besides Dr. Jackass:) ) – they just look wonderful!

  4. liz said

    i am dead from the cuteness. i love wes all sprawled out like that. napping is hard work some times.

  5. Noell said

    They are getting bigger everyday! Max looks like he’s pondering life and Wes makes me want to take a nap!
    How are you doing Kerry (& Jeff)? You have to be completely exhausted! (((HUGS)))

  6. Cathy said

    Is it just me or are they growing like weeds? I was just looking at those first pictures of you guys holding them and they don’t even look like the same babies! Keep it up boys!

  7. It looks like they are growing!

  8. angelika05 said

    Oh my goodness – I can totally tell a difference this week with how big they are getting! 🙂 YAY! What big boys you have…and cute. And handsome. And brilliant. I may just have to have a daughter so she can marry one of them. : )

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