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February 27, 2009

Daddy and Max (10 days old) during kangaroo care

Daddy and Max (10 days old) during kangaroo care

Mommy and Wes (10 days old) during kangaroo care

Mommy and Wes (10 days old) during kangaroo care

Jeff, Max, Wes, and I have some exciting news from the NICU!  Both Max and Wes got their nutrition IV’s (the sugar water, vitamins, minerals, etc) taken out today, which means they are strictly on breast milk (plus a fortifier, and sometimes formula) for nourishment.  YAY!  They also get a nightly shot of caffeine (really makes sense, doesn’t it?) to help with their apnea and brain development.  I did have a talk with one of the NICU doctors today about using donor breast milk because I’m not able to keep up with what Max and Wes need right now, and the formula isn’t really working (they are both spitting up a lot).  Although that made me a little sad (like I’m failing my own children), I quickly agreed to the donor breast milk because of the importance of them getting the protein, enzymes, and anti-infective, anti-inflammatory agents found in breast milk to help protect them from bacterial infections.  The donor milk is banked from other women who have premature babies, but just have an overabundance of breast milk that they don’t need for their own child(ren), so it’s perfect for others’ preemies who aren’t getting the amount they need from their own mothers.  Does that make sense?  I feel like I’m not making sense at all this morning.

The NICU doctor I spoke with yesterday, Dr. Q,  did tell me that we should still expect to bring the boys home sometime in April, hopefully before their original due date, but that just doesn’t seem soon enough.  We know they need to stay in the hospital to get big and strong, and we’re okay with that, it’s just that it’s getting increasingly hard to leave them when I’m/we’re there.  It’s hard for me to be in the NICU all day, but when I’m not there, I feel guilty for not being there.  And Jeff and I go to the hospital every night at 6 for their Cares and to do the skin-on-skin bonding, and it’s just sooo hard to leave every night.  So hard. 



This made it a little easier to come home last night.  Homemade chicken pot pie from Rachel.  You were right, Rach – it was delicious (although we didn’t think it looked bad at all)!




My friends Katey and Heather came to visit yesterday (and I got to meet a fellow NICU alum, Heather’s 7 month old son, Ethan, who is SO CUTE).  Heather brought me some extra pumping supplies and CUPCAKES (YUM, thank you SO MUCH), and Katey brought the boys some adorable little outfits and toys to hook onto the boys’ car seats.  Thanks, Katey!  It was so great having visitors yesterday!




My good friend, Kiane, and her family sent these cute preemie outfits for Max and Wes.  They say “Mommy’s Little Star” and “Daddy’s Little Dude”.  Thank you so much Kiane, Chris, and Dylan!




Chrissy, Matt, and Addison sent us the sweetest card and a gift card to Starbucks for thosed early morning NICU runs.  Thanks you guys – you really know the way to our hearts!



I spent part of the day at Conceptions, dropping off some things for my friend, Larissa, who is 7 weeks pregnant with another Dr. Swanson IVF success story.  She and her husband left these two sleepers and Curious George book for the boys.  Thanks you two!



One of my old co-workers, Joe, and his wife, Lorraine, sent us these super cute overall outfits for the boys (with matching socks and hats, awwww!).  Thank you for thinking of us, Joe and Lorraine!


I was so glad to have time during the day to stop by Conceptions and let the girls and Dr. Swanson know that the boys were born early (and to show off pictures).  They were all so excited for Jeff and I, and I even got a big old bear hug from Dr. S…it was awesome.  They all made me promise that Jeff and I would bring the boys in as soon as they were discharged from the NICU, and I just cannot wait for that day to come.  =)



8 Responses to “More NICU news”

  1. Lanie & Shane said

    I’m so happy to hear that you are going to do donor milk!!! I’m a huge, huge fan of that program – and I think that it is such a good thing for babies. (I’ve already asked my doc if we can have it available for Sugar & Spice in the early days.) Don’t feel like you are letting them down – you are good mommy for giving them a little extra help until your (*)(*) are up to speed. : )

  2. HuskerLissa said

    Those pictures are so precious!!!

  3. Noell said

    I think the donor program sounds awesome! You are so not failing your boys either, you’re doing what is best in every respect!
    Love all the little outfits for the boys…and I also miss seeing small outfits since DS is now a giant!
    (P.S. I saw Heather at LC yesterday…E is adorable!)

  4. Alexis said

    Oh my goodness, precious pictures Kerry!

  5. Kiane said

    I love those pictures! They are just so sweet!

  6. krazykids said

    Getting a head start on the caffeine addiction, eh? Such sweet pictures. Glad they are doing well

  7. Tarah said

    Glad to hear that Max and Wes are doing well. I can only imagine how hard it is leaving your little guys.

    They will be home before you know it! Keep up the good work, little guys.

    Thinking of you.

    Much love,


  8. Brenda and John said

    What sweet pictures! They look so cozy with mommy and daddy.

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