More pictures (because the Oscars are boring the hell out of me)

February 22, 2009




This is Meena.  She came to visit with her mommy, Miriam, on Thursday.  Her mommy brought me this…





…a strawberry cupcake with milk chocolate frosting from Azucar Bakery.  Holy yum!






…and this.  A penguin bowling set (CUTE!) and an elephant puzzle.  Thank you so much, Miriam and Meena!!!







CH2M Hill (Jeff’s company) sent us (me) these flowers – I thought that was really sweet.






My friend, Steph, gave these to Kristy to give to me – I guess it’s good that we finally picked names!





One of my nurses in post partum care brought me chocolate frosting for my graham crackers on Friday morning after I joked about wanting some frosting with my grahams as they were wheeling me into recovery.  How sweet is that?



Our good friend, Tiffany, brought these cute little outfits and some spa socks (for mommy) over when she came to meet the boys this week.  Thanks, Tiff!




Jeff’s mom brought me some cookies and cupcakes when she came to visit on Thursday.  Paradise Bakery’s lemon cookies are to die for!  Thanks, Sue!




Even though they told me not to write thank you notes or post pics on our blog, I want to thank Ondrea for the two Sandra Boynton books for Max and Wes.  I can’t wait to read them to our boys!




And I want to thank Sarah for the ADORABLE babylegs and yummy shampoo for our little guys.  Consider these your thank you notes, Ondrea and Sarah.  =)



I think that’s it for tonight…I am so exhausted and we have to be at the hospital early tomorrow morning for Max and Wes’s first bath – I can’t wait!



3 Responses to “More pictures (because the Oscars are boring the hell out of me)”

  1. Noell said

    Look at all that loot!! 😉 Seriously though, the Sandra Boynton books are great (we have the Belly Button Book and DD loves it) and I love, love, love those Babylegs!! Now, if I could only get me one of those cupcakes my night would be complete!

  2. militarywifealways said

    Awww can’t wait to hear about their first baths :0) I love the wall letters they are so cute

  3. Ondrea said

    silly girl!! 🙂 look at all those yummies!

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