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February 18, 2009


We had some visitors yesterday.  Molly, Ivy, and Ivory came to see the boys, Jeff, and I.  Jeff got a little love from Miss Ivy yesterday morning, and the boys and I got a little love from Ivory.  She brought Girl Scout cookies for me (Samoas), and four little preemie outfits for Max and Wes.  Awww…


I sure wish Rex was here so he could model these outfits!  I think they might actually be a little too small for him.  Everyone keeps saying how big the boys look, so I thought I would post a few pictures to give you all some perspective on how tiny they really are.  Here is Jeff holding little Max…



And here is me holding little Wes…




18 Responses to “Post with no name”

  1. krazykids said

    They are so tiny!

  2. Catherine said

    Oh, Kerry! They’re tiny but just beautiful! You and Jeff are doing great. Hang in there and take care of you!!

  3. Steph said

    What tiny perfect little men! They are adorable, keep up the great work, Parents!

  4. Ondrea said

    They do look so little when you’re holding them – but so very strong!

  5. Porche said

    I was making batter yesterday and had three pounds of butter lined up. The thought came to mind that is how big each of the BoGo are. That kind of blew my mind that is how big your babies are. They look so sweet in your arms! 🙂

  6. Noell said

    I thought for a sec that Jeff was holding one of the boys in the first pic…I was like whoa, he got big! LOL! They are such tiny little guys!

  7. lilcyndiluwho said

    I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see picture of you guys holding YOUR children!! They may be small but they’re tough.

  8. Cara said

    Great things come in little packages!

  9. Sara said

    It is so great to see you and Jeff with Max and Wes!!! They do look tiny but so adorable and I’m sure they are very strong just like their parents!

  10. Alexis said

    You look like a natural!

  11. lauraandlee said

    Again, more tears. I’m just so happy for you guys. I’m happy they’re breathing on their own, what an amazingly huge step!

    I have TONS of preemie boy clothes too, so I’d love to give them to you if you guys want. Please just let me know, anytime, no rush of course.

    Big hugs to all four of you!

  12. erica said

    They are so tiny and perfect! How awesome to see you two holding your boys!

  13. Tarah said

    Small but mighty. I wish I could be there with you. Please know that you and your boys (yes, Jeff included and even Rexie) are in my thoughts and close to my heart.

    Love you, Kerry…


  14. Marci said

    They are so beautiful! I am so happy for you!

  15. Beth M said

    OMG!!! They are tiny but perfect!!!

  16. Sarah said

    Wow…they are SO incredible. Beautiful. Amazing.

  17. liz said

    incredible. they are perfect, and you two look perfect holding them.

  18. robert, megs, and mabel said

    They are both so perfect. Congrats.

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