A few photos

February 13, 2009




Here is my official 29 week belly picture (fully clothed, LOL).  Please excuse the forced smile – this was after the appointment, and I was exhausted!  I should be smiling – I still have clothes that fit!  Woo hoo!




I also forgot to thank our friends, Brad and Jessica, for coming over for dinner last night.  It was sooo great seeing you guys – it had been way too long!  And thanks for picking up the food on the way here!

LeAnn and Asher came over this morning to entertain me.  Asher had the cutest little cowboy boots on, and I forgot to take a damn picture!  Oh well, I’m sure I can get a cute one next time – thanks for coming over you guys!!!



My friend, Tara, stopped over for lunch today with Noodles & Co. (look at that rice krispie treat!).  It was so great having lunch with you and catching up with you, buddy!!!



Mom has been busy in the kitchen all afternoon, trying to replicate a cheesecake from the Carnegie Deli (they actually have the recipe for their famous cheesecakes right on their website) so that we don’t have to order one for my birthday next weekend.  Keep your fingers crossed!




And because we’ve been getting nothing but baby things lately, I thought Jeff deserved a new toy, too.  He has been DYING for one of these countertop beer chillers for months, and finally found a good deal online, so I said yes.  He’s so cute – look at how excited he was to get it!



Have a great weekend, everyone!



2 Responses to “A few photos”

  1. Cara said

    Oooh tell me more about this beer chiller…I might need one. Love the pics you look fantastic!

  2. Alexis said

    You look great! It’s the simple things that make our men happy isn’t it? lol…

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