Thank you!

February 11, 2009

First of all, I really would like to thank all of you who have left such amazing compliments and comments on our blog, Facebook, and message boards about our maternity photos.  We were blown away reading about how everyone could see the love in our eyes and the joy in our hearts by looking at those pictures.  Mission accomplished.  We are more in love now than ever, and we are so incredibly happy and blessed that we will have two baby boys in just a few weeks.  It’s all so unbelievable…

Speaking of unbelievable, I know it’s been hard for some of you to listen to me bitch and moan about how slighted I feel, how hard bed rest is, blah, blah, blah – so this one’s for you.  Tonight, I felt my baby boy’s (Go) head up in my ribs.  I usually can’t differentiate between head and butt, but I know (call it mom’s intuition) it was his head.  Anyway, I would push down on hishead (trying to dislodge it from my rib cage so I could breathe), and that little booger would push right back!  He certainly is my child.  =)  I don’t know if I’ve talked much about it on our blog, but Go has been the naughty, stubborn one (taking after his mommy) since Day One, and Bo has been the silent, sweet one (taking after his daddy).  We’re both really anxious to find out if this holds true when the boys get here.  I just cannot wait.  Well, I can wait at least a few more weeks, but I’m just so excited!!

Tonight, we had the lamb stew that Mikita brought over yesterday.  She’s had a really rough day today, so hopefully it will make her day to know that she pleased everyone’s palate at dinner tonight.  Jeff, my Mom, my aunt, and I (and BoGo) were all VERY impressed with how hearty and yummy the stew was – seriously, it was so filling!  And Jeff was really glad that there was enough protein in the stew, both for me and the babies and for him (you know, dudes love meat).  Thank you soooo, so much Mikita!  And big (((hugs))) to you, buddy.




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