Maternity photos!

February 10, 2009

Okay you guys, here is a peek at some of the photos from our little maternity photo shoot on Sunday.  Kari took so many great shots, and these are our favorites.  I hope you enjoy them, and if you want a great photographer at a very affordable price, Kari’s website is  She also does really cool birth announcements and other cards (like invitations).  I guarantee she won’t keep her prices this low for long…the girl has got a LOT of talent!  Thank you soooo much, Kari!









17 Responses to “Maternity photos!”

  1. Lanie said

    Awww, buddy, you guys are freakin’ adorable!!!

  2. Katey said

    Great pics!!!!

  3. Marci said

    So great! You look awesome!

  4. Kari March said

    thanks buddy……They turned out great and I am so happy that you like them.

  5. erica said

    So adorable!!! You both look great!

  6. Alexis said

    Great pics! You look fantastic!

  7. Megan S said

    Those look fantastic – as do you! I love the one with the light behind and you in the shadow. It just emits a certain intimacy with your babies. :’)

  8. Sara said

    Great pics!! You and Jeff are so adorable!!

  9. Beth M said

    OMG!! I told myself I wouldn’t cry today, but there ya go…making me cry! At least they are happy tears!

  10. Deanne said

    How sweet are those??? Good God you are an adorable pg woman! I love your glow!

  11. Tarah said

    Beautiful, Kerry. 🙂

  12. maydaygirl said

    you look beautiful!

  13. anngoldenberg said

    You guys look so happy!

  14. Leah said

    You look fantastic!!

  15. militarywifealways said

    Fantastico, you guys look so great and BoGO will be able to see the love their parents have, because I can see it

  16. krazykids said

    Yay for belly pics!!!!

  17. Steph said

    You look awesome! Great pictures!

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