Ahhhh, bleach!

February 10, 2009

Not much too report today, other than my mom really rocks!  As most of you know, I’m a total borderline OCD clean freak.  I used to bleach my fridge out twice a month, but sadly it hadn’t been done since I was a few weeks pregnant.  My mom sensed that it was bothering me (and surprisingly, it really wasn’t bothering me all that much), so she cleaned it out with bleach for me!  Seriously.  I’m so lucky!  And no, you cannot have her – she’s mine, all mine!!!!

My friend, Mikita, stopped over on her lunch break to drop off our dinner for tonight (lamb stew, photos to follow) that we will actually be eating tomorrow instead because Ithe babies want Red Robin tonight…hehehehe.  Aaaaand, she brought us over some Samoas (my favorite Girl Scout cookies), which I am proud to say I have held onto so that my husband at least gets one before I wolf them all down.  We visited for a while, and went through a few ideas about what Jeff and I might want as far as birth announcements go.  Mikita is a graphic designer, and has generously offered up her design services for a really nice discount (we would just pay for supplies, printing, etc), so why not take her up on it, right? 

I’ve received gifts from two different people the last two days, which has been a pleasant surprise!  The first gift is from one of my work buddies, Dwight, and his family – two little packs of onesies and a receiving blanket.  They are too cute!


And today my friend, Tara, sent me these two onesies that I was literally thisclose to buying online yesterday afternoon (Old Navy had free shipping on all baby and maternity stuff, but I restrained myself).  Great minds think alike!  The onesie with the elephant on it says “Party Animal”, and the one with the lion says “Tough Guy”.  Too freakin’ cute!  These boys will definitely be in style!


I must go now, as my mom has arrived with Red Robin.  Have I mentioned how much we love her?



3 Responses to “Ahhhh, bleach!”

  1. angelika05 said

    OMG – I love the way bleach smells. Can I come over and sniff your fridge? Mmmmm…

  2. Lanie said

    OMG. I have a matching Old Navy onesie for my girl. I’d better pick up a boy one, so we can get a pic of all 4 kids in matching outfits! (Gotta love an excuse to go shopping!)

    Yeah for Mikita’s services!!!

  3. taratru said

    God, they’re even cuter in pictures! I love that I can satisfy my baby-buying desires vicariously through you. 🙂

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