Random pics from the last week…

February 6, 2009

Because I’m not feeling particularly chatty this week, I just thought I would post some pictures of things I have received from family and friends during the last week.  I also want to thank my cycle buddy, Lanie, for coming over this afternoon to bring me some cake and a Blizzard (can you tell that she’s pregnant with twins, too…she knows).  The treats and the talk really helped to cheer me up, so thank you soooo much! 



My great aunt Ruthie knitted me these little Nebraska stocking caps for the boys.  Why are there three here, you ask?  I have no idea…





My friend, Katey, brought me these two ADORABLE loveys for the BoGo.  They are both different, but match *perfectly* with the nursery decor.  Thanks, Katey!






My friend, Ann, brought me these two pacifier clips that are apparently a Godsend because they attach to a paci with velcro and then clip onto the baby’s shirt.  Clever, huh?  Thank you, Ann!






My other mom (Jeff’s mom), Sue, brought these over the other night.  It’s a skin care line for babies!  Bubble bath, shampoo, body wash, and body ointment.  And you guys, they smell so good!





Jeff’s cousin (and fellow twin momma), Molly, gave these onesies and bib to Sue to give to us, along with some diapers, too.  They are so tiny!  Thank you, Molly!







8 Responses to “Random pics from the last week…”

  1. ischwab said

    Those hats are so cute!! I guess the 3rd one is for the extra baby they are going to find when you deliver 😉

  2. militarywifealways said

    Aww too cute can’t wait to see BoGo in them,err on them :o)

  3. pyjammy said

    oh yes, pacifier clips will save your sanity! those are really cute, too.

  4. Cara said

    I think the extra hat is for Rex!

  5. angelika05 said

    Duh – the extra hat is for Rexy! He can model it for me tomorrow.

  6. Lanie said

    You are very welcome! And anytime you need a Blizzard, let me know. I’d be more than happy to use YOU as my excuse to eat more ice cream!

  7. Kerry said

    Ivory, don’t make me come over to your house and bitchsmack you for saying something like that! =P

  8. Angela said

    AHA!!! Aunt Ruthie agrees with me! You got 3 babies in there…I still bet they’re all girls 😀

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