February 4, 2009

My Dad left today, and after my total breakdown yesterday it was almost more than I could handle – I cried like a two-year old.  But Mom’s still here, and my Dad has promised to try to come down for my birthday later this month  (when my sis will be here), so that’s cool.

I’m still feeling a bit “blah” today…I stayed away from the message boards I frequent, only updated my Facebook page to tell people that I “feel blah”, and answered a few emails only because they had been sitting in my inbox for a day, or two.  Other than that, I kind of layed around (weird) feeling sorry for myself.  Pretty pathetic, but I think I needed a day like today.

We had an appointment with the perinatologist this afternoon, and it went really, really well.  The BoGo were measuring right on track, and we got to see Bo’s face again several times, which was really nice since he’s usually “the forgotten one”.  Bo was measuring 2 lbs. 9 oz., and his little brother was 2 lbs. 11 oz., which is fantastic!  Both babies’ fluid levels were spot on, and we got to see them both opening and closing their eyes and mouths (which was sooo cool, but a little creepy, too).  They are going to be looooong babies – their limbs were measuring in the 73rd percentile – I guess they take after their daddy, which is fine by me!  The most important measurement of the day, my cervix, was holding steady – measuring at a 3.1 (it was 3.2 two weeks ago), which means that all of this doing nothin’ business is paying off.  I guess I shouldn’t have asked Dr. H if I could have a 15 minute walk once a week (he laughed)…

I got my weekly Starbucks for  “passing” my Dr.’s appt, and since the weather was so nice, Jeff suggested we sit outside of the Starbucks to drink our beverages and eat our sweets, which was great (it was only for about 5 minutes, but it was sooo good to feel “normal” for those 5 minutes).  Shortly after we got home, Jeff’s mom came by with some dinner from The Hickory House in Parker.  YUM.

Smoked brisket, pork, coleslaw, beans, baked potato, Texas toast, and corn on the cob?  You can’t really go wrong with any of this!  Thanks, Sue!











Rex didn’t know which of the grammys to give his “feed me” face to…



I have some other show and tell, but I’m too tired to take pictures right now, so it will have to wait until tomorrow.  Good night!



6 Responses to “Blah”

  1. anngoldenberg said

    Congratulations on a great appointment! I was starting to get nervous when I didn’t “see” you around. Rex kills me! Would you just feed him, please! 😉

  2. liz said

    yay for a good appointment. I’m glad you got some downtime. I’ll be in your neck of the woods tomorrow, is there anything I can bring you? want me to come take Rex for a walk? just let me know how you can “use me”

  3. angelika05 said

    Are you starving Rex? Oh he will be mine all mine on Saturday! Mwahahahahahaha!

    Glad the BoGo are behaving themselves!

    Love ya!

  4. Alexis said

    So glad the appointment went great!

  5. twodaisies said

    Glad to hear your appointment went well!

  6. Sorry you are feeling blahh – but really happy to hear about the great appointment! Isn’t amazing that after all of this, you are going to have healthy baby boys!? Rex is going to be a big brother!

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