I should add…

February 3, 2009

…that Jeff still tells me every day that I’m beautiful and loved.  He tells me that even though I feel useless and lazy at times, I’m doing the most important thing I can be doing for our children – I’m following doctors’ orders and allowing them to get big and strong so that they will thrive when they are born.  That always makes me feel better.

I had one visitor today, my friend and fellow twin-momma, Ann, and her son, Cole.  My Dad thought Ann was a hoot, and I think my Mom wanted Cole to stay a little longer…



…gee, I wonder why?  He’s not ADORABLE, or anything!  Look at those eyes!







 And look what Ann brought for us!  Tastykakes!!!  Jeff was beside himself!




This is the other thing that Ann brought for us (along with a HUGE dish of Chicken Florentine that we will freeze for later).  Baked ziti with meatballs and tummy french bread.  Thank you so much, Ann!  My folks, Jeff, and I really enjoyed our delicious Italian feast tonight!




2 Responses to “I should add…”

  1. Ann said

    I told you that Cole has a thing for blondes; he doesn’t blow kisses to just anyone! (Just don’t tell Kiley!).

  2. lilcyndiluwho said

    Ann and her perfectly timed Tasty Kakes! Damn that girl is a rock star. As so as I’m off my own “bedrest” (HA… not bedrest compared to you.) and not all germy I want to get on the schedule and come by. I’ve had stuff here for you for a month and just want to see you doing well.

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