January 30, 2009

I don’t know why I’m glad it’s Friday, other than the fact that Jeff is home for a few days…  And for some reason, I was really depressed today.  Thankfully, I have some fantastic friends who came to visit me, and that really helped to cheer me up!

Stephanie brought Gavin and Heidi’s Deli over for lunch. 


I have to tell you that Mr. G is seriously one of the happiest babies I’ve ever seen!  What do you guys think?  Steph, it was sooo nice to finally meet you and Gavin, and I really hope we can get together again soon (maybe next time for some DQ…you know, since it’s right down the street?)!




Mmmmmm, egg salad sandwich from Heidi’s.  I didn’t take a picture of the cookie because I ate it too fast.  LOL! 




A few minutes after Steph and Gavin left, Beth and Lily came over.  Beth is super naughty and brought me an ENTIRE BOX of Paradise Bakery cookies (there may or may not be one missing in this picture). 




Miss Lily didn’t really want her picture taken, but I think I got a pretty cute one anyway!



Beth was also super nice and brought me some bottles she never used and some of Lily’s prefolds (cloth diapers) that she’s outgrown.  Thanks, Beth!!!

Oh, and guess what?  I ate my Swiss Cheese Mushroom Runza tonight.  YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM.




2 Responses to “TGIF!!!”

  1. Beth M said

    JEBUS!!! Had I known the Runza was still on the premises when I was there, I would have made off with it!!! =)

    It was sooooo good to see you!!!

  2. Cathy said

    WTF is a Runza?

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