Hell’s Kitchen

January 29, 2009

No Robin, I’m not talking about your Tijuana Torte, that was DELISH!  I’m just really excited for the first episode of Hell’s Kitchen tonight – Jeff and I just love Gordon Ramsey, he’s such an ass!  And I’m having a hard time coming up with blog entry titles, so here ya go!

Today was almost too much excitement for me – I  had 6 visitors and my Mom finally made it back to Denver!  I told her she was just in time to help Jeff clean the house for our annual Super Bowl party this weekend (yes, we are still having it, it’s the 5th Annual, and I wasn’t missing it just because of stupid bed rest).

Tara drove all the way from Loveland just to see little (large) old me, and bring me one of the best gifts a pregnant gal (and her hungry husband) could get…a Runza!  For those of you who don’t know what a Runza is, you are missing out – it’s a delicious stuffed sandwich full of ground beef, cabbage, cheese, and in the one I got, mushrooms.  They have Runza Restaurants all over Nebraska, but there are only a few of them here in Colorado, and one is in Loveland.  Just one of the perks to having a good friend who lives there!  Jeff had his tonight after he got home from work, and I’m saving mine for tomorrow (picture to follow) – I cannot freakin’ wait!

Dayna Rae and Tiffany came over when Tara was just leaving, and D Rae brought my (finished) shower gifts…they are so amazing!!!  She is extremely creative, and her shower gift to us was designing BoGo’s scrapbooks so that all we had to do was write a few details in and add pictures.  Thank goodness somebody helped me with this, because I’m not exactly the most creative person, so thank you SO MUCH Dayna Rae!!!!


Robin, her son Ethan, and Stephanie came over just as D Rae and Tiffany were leaving – and Robin had our dinner in hand – it was soooo yummy! 


I had a great time talking with two of my cooking club gals, and showing off the nursery.  Steph had mentioned that she was going to bring over some blueberry muffins tonight, but she burned them so she left them at home.  I kindly thanked her for leaving them at home, LOL!  =)  It was so great seeing you three – and tell Ethan thanks for all of the laughs!

And with that, I’m out.  I am soooo tired, I hope I make it through Hell’s Kitchen…



3 Responses to “Hell’s Kitchen”

  1. Beth M said

    I just had to wipe a tiny bit of drool off of my lip because you said RUNZA!!! I miss it!!!!

  2. Cara said

    Hell’s Kitchen…a fantastic show!

  3. Alexis said

    Hell’s kitchen fan too! It was a good start to the season tonight. Gordon is hilarious.

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