Grrrr…if I get one more email

January 29, 2009

I swear to God if I get telling me that the woman who just had octuplets “could have been me”, I’m going to go off the deep end.  Just a few things about this woman and her “gifts from God”…

1.  They are not “gifts from God”, they are “miracles of science”.  There is absolutely NO WAY that she spontaneously conceived 8 babies.  No way in hell. 

2.  This “could have been me” is an ignorant thing to say, because really it could have never happened with all of the monitoring, ultrasounds, and bloodwork our RE did while we were doing IUI’s (artificial insemination).  IMO, no reputable RE in this country (or anywhere else for that matter) would have EVER let a patient go forward knowing that they might release that many eggs.  If you are thinking Jon and Kate + 8, I personally think her RE was a jackass for thinking it was okay to go ahead with an IUI when she had that many mature follicles, but that’s a whole other story.

3.  This pregnancy was NOT the result of IVF.   It was most likely the result of an unmonitored cycle using fertility drugs, which is so ridiculously irresponsible, I can’t even begin to elaborate on it without raising my blood pressure, so I won’t.

I think I better stop talking about this now.  Just know if you are one of the aforementioned offenders who have sent me an email like this, I have deleted your email and will not respond.  My mom always told me if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all – so I won’t.  =)



12 Responses to “Grrrr…if I get one more email”

  1. kristy said

    You tell it sis! I don’t know a lot about this stuff, but the first thing I thought of when I saw the news story is how unethical or just plain stupid this lady’s RE must be…

  2. angelika said

    Uh yeah. Wow. For the record, I am super glad it is not you because do you know how hard it was to find two matching pairs of overalls? I don’t think I could have found EIGHT! And as we know, everything is all about me.

  3. Beth M said

    Well, considering that there have only been 2 sets of octuplets in the history of man, it is really not at all likely that this would’ve been you. Statistically speaking, that is.

    I’m so sorry those people wasted precious time telling you something so insanely irrelevant and IMO, rude.

    Love you!

  4. Cara said

    I feel bad for her and the challenges she will face with 8 babies and peoples time would be better spent praying for her and her children, rather than telling you it could have been you. So I will say a little prayer for her and as always I will say a prayer for you, Jeff and your miracles. Stay upbeat and positive stress is no good for you or BoGo.

  5. jkmastera said

    Ummmm, Cara – she has 6 more children at home…should we pray for them, too? =)

  6. Cara said

    Yes absolutely….

  7. sarahope said

    I am hearing that all the time now – “OMG what if you end up having 8 babies like that lady?” I am too impatient to even explain it to people why that would not and could not happen… i just usually say “no, i dont think that will happen thank God”.

    It saddens me that it seems like all of this makes couples/women dealing with IF as overzealous, willing to have a baby at any cost or risk. I agree that the RE and also the couple were irresponsible and pray that all the babies grow up to be healthy.

  8. Tiffany said

    Amen sister…absolutely ridiculous that any doctor let this happen.

  9. coffee said

    it’s pretty amazing that all eight of those babies survived the birthing process

  10. Sock said

    It’s in the news now that this woman is a single mom with 6 children already. Why on earth was she having fertility treatments??!?!?! This is a slap in the face to all of you who have struggled so long and so hard to have the precious children that you have. I hope this doctor is investigated – what he did was totally irresponsible.

  11. Tova said

    You said so many things I was thinking too. (is an RE a reprod. endocrinologist????) and yes, the medical team allowing that to happen is extremely irresponsible & practicing bad medicine. how can this woman possibly care for her now 14 children under the age of 7? well spoken kerry. (i do enjoy reading your updates…don’t envy the bedrest but sounds like lots of good people to keep you from going insane & keeping you company.

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