Two weeks of bed rest down, six to go!

January 28, 2009

Other than my total lack of sleep (thanks to acid reflux) last night, I had a pretty fantastic day today!  LeAnn (my sister-in-law) and Asher came over to visit me this morning, and boy did Ash keep me entertained!  We found out that not only can he figure out how the doggy door works, but he can also fit through it and escape in a moment’s notice (oops).  We also found out that he is a musical genius…


Ummm…really?  How cute is he?  Yeah, we’re related.  =)  LeAnn and Ash kept me company all morning, and even brought me a yummy snack of peppers and spicy hummus – thanks you guys!

I started feeling kind of yucky (lack of sleep I’m sure) right after they left, so I took a little nap, and that helped.  I couldn’t sleep too long because my wonderful hair stylist and friend, Alex, came over at 3 to give me a much-needed haircut.  She is such a nut!


It’s absolutely amazing how a great haircut and blowout can totally transform the way you feel.  I have to say that I have been feeling a little “blah” the last few weeks since being released from the hospital.  I think it has something to do with wearing yoga pants and t-shirts every day, not putting on makeup, and not styling my hair, but who knows?  Anyway, after Alex was done with me, I felt FANTASTIC!  My cut is great – it’s a little shorter than I had planned on going, but Alex knows her stuff, and she said we needed to “get rid of the split ends”, so I said to go for it!  I like my hair shorter anyway (but I am trying to grow it out a bit), so it works for me.  Edited to add – why the hell does my nose look like a penis in this picture?  I mean sheesh – I know it’s *not small*, but really, this is not what I look like.  Is it?  Bad angle, or something…


The best part about the haircut is that it was Alex’s shower gift to me, so it was FREE!!!  And I just cannot get over the fact that she offered to come over to cut my hair with her crazy busy schedule – she is seriously such a great friend.  If any of you out there need a new stylist, or if you’re bored of the same old haircut you keep getting, you should check her out.  The salon she works for is in Cherry Creek, just off 1st and St. Paul, and I’m telling you that you will get the best haircut and color of your life if you go to her!  Check out her website if you’re interested…

YAY for new hair!!!  And right now I’m eating an Oreo Blizzard (damn that Dairy Queen down the street that just opened!), so life is goooooood.



6 Responses to “Two weeks of bed rest down, six to go!”

  1. Alexis said

    Cute cut!…and what are you talking about ‘nose looks like penis’? lol. *Note to self on the doggy door escape method. 😉

  2. Cathy said

    THAT’s the picture I need to bring to my stylist.

  3. Noell said

    Love the ‘do!! And no, your nose does not look like a penis…but I did LMAO when I read that!
    FYI, make Zantac your best friend starting now! It really does work and it’s safe in pregnancy (but of course verify with your dr. just to make sure you’re good to go).

  4. Heidi said

    Very cute cut! But what happened to me being the best stylist you ever had?? Do you say that about all your girls? ( : Just kidding! You look great Kerry!!!

  5. jkmastera said

    LOL Heidi!!! I never said she was the “best stylist I’ve ever had”…I would say that you are the top two for sure!

  6. kristy said

    I LOVE your hair – it’s looks awesome! And you do not have a penis-nose! Self portraits never turn out 🙂

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