I styled my hair today

January 27, 2009


Another big day out for the big pregnant woman (not the most flattering picture of me, as I didn’t feel well this afternoon).  Gosh, every time I see a picture of me I just cannot believe how big I am (I don’t really feel that big, LOL)!  Anyway, I had an OB appointment today, and normally the OB appointments are very uneventful, so I told Jeff that I would just have my aunt take me.  Well, go figure – these little boys, Baby B in particular, are little naughties (Jeff says “just like their momma”, but I don’t know about that…)!  Both the NP and my OB had a hard time finding Go’s heartbeat on the doppler, so my OB suggested that I go in for an ultrasound “just to be safe”.  I didn’t need an ultrasound (although I LOVE seeing my babies on that screen) because Go has been kicking my ribcage all day long – I knew he was alive and kicking!  As suspected, all was good – Bo’s heartrate was 158, Go’s was 164, and they were both looking adorable, as usual.  I was soooo glad to finally get a good picture of Bo’s face, as he’s usually squished and smashed against my cervix, courtesy of his little brother. 

And the best news of the day is that Bo’s heartrate is no longer irregular!!!!  My OB sat in on my ultrasound, and we all just sat and listened to his heartrate for a good 2-3 minutes – it was steady, smooth, and perfect.  Of course, my OB did warn me that the irregularity could come back (and that they and our peri would be closely monitoring it), but for now – it’s good news, and I’ll take it!  Between this, and getting a great view of the baby we never get to see, I was really bummed that Jeff wasn’t by my side.  Next time.  =)

When we got home from the appointment, this was waiting for me in the snow…


LOL at my friend, Cathy!!!!  For those of you who can’t make out what the bottom says, it says “Continue baking BoGo at least 4-6 weeks as directed”.  So cute!  Jeff got a great laugh out of it, too!  I was so sorry that my boys were being little rascals, because that meant I missed hanging out with Cathy for a while.  And as much as I love that girl, I didn’t even care that I didn’t get to see her once I tasted this – homemade mac and cheese (my favorite, by the way) with ham and broccoli.  Holy YUM.




9 Responses to “I styled my hair today”

  1. krazykids said

    OMG that looks yummy.

    Glad you got a good view of the babies!

  2. Angelika said

    Well she had to go and ruin it by adding ham! 🙂

    Post a picture of Go soon!

  3. Alexis said

    Great news on Bo!! You’re looking fabulous as ever…so cute. Bed rest and all, you just glow.

  4. Cathy said

    Glad the babies are looking good. Yeah for a regular heartbeat! Also glad a dog didn’t eat your mac& cheese. I was sure SOMEthing was going to get into it or something. At least the weather was a nice nature-made fridge!

  5. Brenda said

    You are looking fantastic! I’m so glad that boys are doing well and that you got to Bo’s face this time.

  6. militarywifealways said

    OMG that looks so yummy I might have to come visit, lol. I am so glad both the boys are ok and you got a better look at the face of your little angel

  7. kristy said

    Yeah for Bo’s heartbeat and for Go finally cooperating so you can see his cute little mug! You look SO fantastic, too! Wish I was there to see you in person, and help you eat that delicious looking mac and cheese! Love, sis

  8. Tarah said

    You look so cute Kerry. 🙂 Wish I lived closer so I could come over and keep you company. I love to cook, so I would totally cook for you, Jeff and the boys.


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