Day of pampering

January 26, 2009

Well, maybe not a day of pampering, but I did have a nice two hours of “me time” today (with my favorite aunt, who was in charge of taking care of me today since Mom didn’t make it back from Wyoming because of weather issues).  My friend, Miriam, recommended this FANTASTIC company, called The Glam Squad, who comes to you and does manicures, pedicures, and waxing!  Thanks, Miriam!!!

The owner, Kelly, was sooooo nice!  And cute, spunky, and fun (everything you would want in a nail technician).  She gave me one of the best pedicures I have (seriously) ever had, and waxed my unruly eyebrows to perfection, all while I was laying down.  My aunt also had her eyebrows done, and they look so good!

I was going to post before and after pics, but honestly, I don’t think many of you care to see my feet – so I’ll spare you.  =)  But I will say that I absolutely recommend Kelly and her company to any of you in the Denver metro area who need and deserve some pampering.  Their prices are CRAZY reasonable, considering they come to YOU, and like I said – probably one of the best pedis I’ve ever gotten.  I booked another appointment for three weeks out, and I may even see if a friend wants to come over to get a pedicure with me (she said she would love to do that for me)!  Any takers?

Kelly is currently running a special – a punch card where if you buy five manicures or pedicures, you get your 6th one free.  And she does gift certificates as well.  Oh, and if anyone books an appointment with her, PLEASE tell her I referred you – she gives $5 off your services for each referral, and next time, I really want a manicure, too!



8 Responses to “Day of pampering”

  1. Kiane said

    How fun! I’m glad you enjoyed your two hours of pampering – you totally deserve it!!

  2. Megan S said

    That sounds so relaxing! You are worth it! I would love to do something like that. When is the next time she is coming over? 😉

  3. Stacy said

    So cool that they came to your house! I bet that made your day go by fast…that’s just what you need!

  4. LeAnn said

    I’m in- I’ll mark my calendar for 3 weeks 🙂

  5. Beth M said

    Me me me!!! Seriously though, I am SO happy that you got to do that! I know how much you love a pedicure and that one sounds AWESOME! And, if you need a buddy for next time, or one in the future, I’m there!

  6. sarah said

    Pick me! Pick me!!! Like I said before, I would LOVE to come “keep you company” for your next pedicure! 😉

  7. militarywifealways said

    Cool, glad you enjoyed your day of pampering. Now I wish I lived closer to Denver

  8. Cara said

    Well since it seems nobody is offering to join you for your next pedi…Im in…should I drive or fly?

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